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The future of talent acquisition: Why you need to adapt

16-Feb-2017 15:47:50 | Posted by Mat Roche - Director & Co-Founder

Talent acquisition has entered a period of seismic change, making it harder for organisations to recruit the right talent.


How to leverage the workforce of the future

14-Oct-2016 15:34:44 | Posted by Mat Roche - Director & Co-Founder

The digital landscape is disrupting businesses and industries left right and centre. Business likes yours must embrace the journey of Digital Transformation in order to stay ahead of the competition.


Download the CEO’s guide to managing the workforce of the future

11-Oct-2016 10:34:00 | Posted by Mat Roche - Director & Co-Founder

Are you struggling to the recruit the right talent you need to drive Digital Transformation across your business?


The rise of the contingent workforce

04-Oct-2016 10:12:00 | Posted by Mat Roche - Director & Co-Founder

In an age of Digital Transformation, companies desperately need access to skilled professionals who can help them complete this journey. Access to this talent is a vital part of surviving and growing through this transition: businesses need people who intuitively understand next generation digital technologies, know how to stimulate innovation, and are in possession of an entrepreneurial mindset.


10 tips for sourcing high quality talent in a digital world

21-Jul-2016 09:36:30 | Posted by Mat Roche - Director & Co-Founder

The world’s digital technology transformation is changing how we book holiday accommodation, drive our cars, hang out with friends and even, look for work. It’s a challenge for your business but the trick is, if you want to source quality talent in a digital world, you need to be where the talent is going.


Why dinosaur recruiters are heading for extinction

21-Jul-2016 09:36:14 | Posted by Mat Roche - Director & Co-Founder

Our recent Guide to Sourcing High Quality Talent in a Digital World explained how the way experienced professionals look for work is changing – and how recruiters aren’t changing to accommodate them. We illustrated how the employment industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift driven by the emergence of the new digital economy: candidates are behaving differently, existing resourcing strategies are losing their effectiveness, and still recruitment professionals cling stubbornly to the old ways.