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I can very much recommend Third Republic.  If you are looking to scale your engineering teams, you should engage Third Republic.”

Gabriel Michels, Director of Engineering

Access a network of 35,000 vetted freelance engineers
  • 35,000+ Contractors
  • 8,000+ DevOps Engineers
  • 9,000+ Cloud Engineers
  • 8,000+ AWS Experts
  • 4,000+ SRE Engineers
  • 5,000+ Cloud Architects
  • 4,000+ GCP Engineers
  • 6,000+ Azure Experts
  • 7,000+ Platform Engineers
  • 2,000+ Go developers

Cloud, PLatform And DevOps Engineers AVAILABLE EVERY WEEK

5% of members available at any time, meaning we have 1750
Engineering experts free for work on average every week

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Hire nearshore engineers at half the cost of local experts

In-demand engineering skills available

Hire low-cost Cloud, DevOps, Platform, SRE, SecOps skills and more

Low Risk

A low-risk staff augmentation solution because all contractors are:

  • Geektastic technically certified
  • Rigorously vetted
  • Meet the highest compliance standards

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96% RATED “u003cspanu003eEXCELLENTu003c/spanu003e”

Working with Adam Bose at Third Republic was a superb experience. As a veteran in the IT industry for over 25 years and founder of my own consulting company, I can say with certainty that Adam is very knowledgeable about the different skill sets in the technology field. This provided great value in placing talent in the right job. He is very professional, authentic, transparent, with impressive effectiveness in communication and execution. I highly recommend Adam as a recruiter to find talent for your business or as a partner to place you in your next career opportunity.


Khero was able to help me land multiple contract positions with my somewhat unique circumstances. He was incredibly helpful and thanks to him I am now working at a great company that has helped a lot with my knowledge and experience. This was also within a week or so of connecting with Third Republic! So in all, they were very helpful and I had a great experience!

Patrick Amis

I am an iOS Freelancer and I worked with Harriet Ivie from Third Republic. First of all, she helped me a lot throughout the process by representing me and providing as much useful details as possible. She ensured excellent communication and clarity between me and the client and kept both of us up-to-date. I ended up accepting an offer at a company I consider a great fit for my experience and expectations. Harriet is one of the best recruiters I worked with. 🙂

Robert T

Max went above and beyond to ensure I found the right fit. Not only did she provide me a list of top notch organizations but ones that aligned with my values. Max listened to what’s important to me and worked from there. Ultimately, I found the right match and couldn’t be happier!! Max – Thank you so much!!

Tony J. Fuentes

Joe Peschel at Third Republic made my experience searching for a new job a seamless one. His financial services industry knowledge was very helpful in my job process and I couldn’t thank him enough. Every concern and question I had for him were answered with facts and unlike most recruiters I’ve worked with before, were accurate. He put a strategy in place when we first spoke, and it was perfect for me to get a dream job. I couldn’t recommend him more, especially for any Technical Architects like myself! Thanks again Joe!


We’ve partnered with

to guarantee the technical expertise of every candidate

To de-risk engagements and develop trust, Third Republic has teamed up with Geektastic, the #1 technical assessment platform for evaluating an engineer’s skills, to assess the technical skills of every contractor sourced.

Trusted by these brands

How we select our contractors

Contractors sourced from our freelance network go through a rigorous selection process consisting of multiple interviews, thorough background checks and the same Geektastic technical assessments used by some of the world’s leading engineering teams.

  • 100%

    Initial Interview

    In the first interview, we test language, communication

  • 50%

    Culture Fit

    Contractors validated against the culture of your organisation

  • 15%

    Body of Work Assessed

    Latest project deliverables scored to Third Republic benchmark

  • 10%

    References Taken

    Professional references taken for quality assurance

  • 5%

    Background Checks and Membership Approved

    Compliance with local freelance regulations checked

  • 3%

    Geektastic Peer Review Code Challenge

    To guarantee the technical expertise of each contractor


Elite contractors you can trust



Technically assessed
Body of work assessed
References checked
Culture-fit qualified
Compliant with local freelance regs
Half the cost

How we can help you

Local or Remote Contractors

Technically assessed freelancers carefully selected from our world-class network

Nearshore Contractors

Technically assessed contractors from our network of 1,000+ contractors in Poland

Custom-built Teams

Tailored groups of talent custom vetted to the specific needs of your business


Employed contractor models for companies who need an extra layer of security

Hire your contractors in 72 hours


Tell Us What You Need

First, we will understand your needs that your organisation requires in terms of number of resources, skills and expertise required, timelines, duration and mission for the engagement

We Find Greatness

To de-risk engagements and develop trust, Third Republic combines the benefit of flexible talent models with the security of rigorously qualied freelancer sourcing.

95% of contractors who apply to our community are rejected

You Start Delivering

You select appropriate contractors who will then dedicate their time and expertise to your engagement and help you accomplish your project goals

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