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The war for talent is on, but Third Republic sources skills innovatively so that were able to hire many great people.”

David Neves, Head of Computing Europe’s #1 retail company for consumer electronics

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Attract and hire better quality engineers

Leverage a network of vetted freelancers

Improve D&I hiring

Modern recruitment is rooted in trust

Today, we are in the Relationship Age of hiring as job seekers move away from mainstream recruitment agencies, job boards, CV databases, online hiring platforms and Linkedin.

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Leveraging the power of communities

In order to build trust across the software engineering ecosystem, Third Republic has developed an acclaimed community launched in 2019 dedicated to helping engineers and developers progress their careers.

Member Benefits

  • Spotlights on leading influencers
  • Developer stories
  • Career advice from leading CTOs
  • Q&As with experienced developers
  • Access to weekly MeetUps and Lunch & Learns
  • Curated career insights from around the web
  • Personlised job hunting services

Code Republic in numbers



Access to a talent pool of over 150,000 engaged perm and freelance engineers based in the UK, Germany, mainland Europe and the US.

Community-based sourcing has many benefits

Builds trust with candidates who are desensitised to agency recruiters
Improves engagement as community members will talk to us opportunistically
Allows Third Republic to provide access to candidates not on the market
65 % of candidates we place come from Code Republic

Code Republic has helped us build relationships with thousands of candidates who would normally be disengaged to the barrage of noise they receive about jobs every day.

Access passive women engineers by leveraging our private community of women working in software engineering

Women in Tech Republic is a private community designed to improve and develop the careers of women working in cloud and engineering.

Despite 1 in every 12 engineers being women, since launch, our community has helped Third Republic to double the number of female engineers placed with our customers.

  • 25,000 women members
  • 1 in 4 hires now women

The top-rated recruitment agency on Trustpilot globally

We have expert recruiters

Being the top-rated Engineering recruitment agency on Glassdoor allows us to attract and retain the best Engineering recruiters in the market.

Specialised around niche skills

Our Recruiters are specialised within niche areas of Engineering, such as Java, Python, DevOps and AWS, allowing us to source deeper into the Engineering skills base compared to other agencies.

Now the fastest growing

Third Republic is now the fastest growing international Engineering agency by placement numbers and recruiter headcount with a CAGR of 173% over the last 5 years.

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