The way Salesforce Professionals increasingly look for work is changing

Incredible demand for technology professionals is changing job seeker behaviour as candidates make decisions based on speed, convenience and the need to trust.

Today, we are in the Relationship Age of hiring as job seekers move away from mainstream recruitment agencies, job boards, CV databases, online platforms and Linkedin, instead prioritising job opportunities coming from their trusted personal and professional networks.

Recruitment agencies need to reinvent their relationships with candidates

In order to build trust across the Salesforce ecosystem, Third Republic has developed an acclaimed community dedicated to helping Salesforce professionals progress their careers.

Salesforce Republic by Numbers

100,000 and growing Salesforce professionals engaged with Third Republic every week.

Whether you are a Salesforce customer, Partner or ISV, recruit Salesforce professionals open to opportunity from our highly specialised talent pools covering the Salesforce ecosystem


Salesforce Experts

20,000 Specialists

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud
  • Salesforce FSL
  • Salesforce Ncino
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • Salesforce Bolt
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • …and more

10,000 Senior Hire

  • Salesforce Senior Manager
  • Salesforce Practice Lead
  • Salesforce Practice Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Salesforce SVP

30,000 Functional

  • Salesforce Admins
  • Salesforce BA’s
  • Salesforce PMs
  • Salesforce Product Owner
  • Salesforce SA’s
  • Salesforce Consultants

15,000 SME by industry

  • Financial Services
  • Health and Lifesciences
  • E-commerce Manufacturing
  • Non-for-Profit
  • High-tech


  • Mulesoft Devs
  • Mulesoft TAs
  • Mulesoft SAs
  • Mulesoft PMs

20,000 Technical

  • Salesforce Devs
  • Salesforce DX
  • Salesforce LWC
  • Salesforce TAs
  • Salesforce Technical Cons
  • Salesforce CTAs

10,000 Customer Success

  • Salesforce YEs
  • Salesforce SEs
  • Salesforce VPs
  • Salesforce Exec

Community-based sourcing has many benefits

Builds trust with candidates who are desensitised to agency recruiters

Improves engagement as community members will talk to us opportunistically

Allows Third Republic to provide access to candidates not on the market

Why Salesforce professionals choose Third Republic for life?

Membership to Salesforce Republic is designed to improve and develop the careers of people working in salesforce with access to:

  • Spotlights on leading Salesforce influencers
  • Developer stories from experience Salesforce developers and TAs
  • Career advice from Saleforce MVPs
  • Access to weekly MeetUps and Lunch & Learns
  • Curated Salesforce insights from around the web
  • Personalised job hunting services

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