Create better performing engineering teams

Having a diverse workforce that reflects your customer base will allow you to deliver more creative and inclusive products and solutions.

Why diverse hiring is important

More and more candidates changing jobs today prefer roles and companies where there is a positive inclusive culture. 

D&I hiring engagements will help better attract, engage, develop and retain top diverse talent and position your organisation as a leader in D&I to achieve growth strategies

How we can help

Increase women applicants

Access passive, offline talent from W.I.T. Republic our private community of female engineers
Hire female engineers

We are proud to have doubled the number of female engineers hired by our customers over the last 12 months
Hiring process reviewed

Complementary hiring process review to identify ways to build a more diverse team
Employer brand audited

Complementary employer brand audit to see how aligned you are to D&I principles
65 % of candidates we place come from Women in Tech

Women in Tech has helped us build relationships with thousands of candidates who would normally be disengaged to the barrage of noise they receive about jobs every day.

Access passive women engineers by leveraging our private community of women working in software engineering

Women in Tech Republic is a private community designed to improve and develop the careers of women working in cloud and engineeringrnrnDespite 1 in every 12 engineers being women, since launch, our community has helped Third Republic to double the number of female engineers placed with our customers.


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1 in 4 hires

now women

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Leveraging the power of communities

Launched in 2018, Women in Tech Republic has become a trusted source for Engineering professionals to progress their careers.

Member Benefits

  • Spotlights on leading Engineering influencers
  • Developer stories from experienced Engineering developers & TAs
  • Career advice
  • Access to weekly MeetUps and Lunch & Learns
  • Curated Engineering insights from around the web
  • Personalised job hunting services

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Our communities help us to support your business by hiring the best tech talent from all over the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and mainland Europe.

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