Why Partner with a Recruiter Exclusively?

First of all, ‘exclusivity’ is when you work with one selected recruitment partner on your hiring projects on an exclusive basis for an agreed period of time.

Typically, we’ve found that you are 2 ½ times more likely to fill a role through working exclusively with a recruitment partner.


Well, the best way to explain is to and understand the recruiter’s perspective, this way you’ll truly appreciate why working exclusively will benefit you and your business.

Time is money

You may or may not have thought ‘what’s in it for them’ when working with recruiters. But it’s worth highlighting that when recruiters decide where their time is best spent, more often than not, it’s on the roles where they feel like their time is going to get the best return.

While on the surface it might seem like working with 4 or 5 different recruiters will get you the best candidates, in this case a ‘many hands make light work’ approach isn’t quite going to get you the results you might hope for.

Going back to ‘what’s in it for them’ well… for any recruiter time is money. And working with the knowledge that they’re up against 4 or 5 other recruiters encourages corners to be cut.

As a result, it’s likely you’ll speak to countless irrelevant candidates wasting everyone’s time and potentially damaging your employer brand – there’s no one paying for that.

Taking this into account, it’s highly unlikely that any of the 5 recruiters you’ve hired are going to come in early or work late in order to source the best offline tech talent for you without knowing they have a better chance of getting paid.

All of this only encourages and supports poor practice, you’re left unhappy, the candidates have had a poor experience, and the recruiter hasn’t made commission = no one wins.

Exclusivity can change the game

Working exclusively changes the game here as the recruiter is working as an extension of your business for an agreed period of time in order to explicitly fill this role.

An exclusive relationship means more time is spent on your roles, with a deeper insight into your company and requirements, as well as more motivation and accountability for the recruiter to fill them.

What does an exclusive partnership look like?

  • Recruiter has time to take a full brief and understanding of the businesses; what works for you, what hasn’t worked and why
  • Not just sent a CV; you’re presented with candidates alongside their story and why they would be a good fit for your business, as well as the brief
  • Receive constant updates on the progress of your search; the recruiter should work towards an agreed plan, timescale, and measurables
  • Insights into the market, requirements and process; most companies know what they do, a good recruiter knows what the market does

The result? You save time and money by getting the best fit for the role and your business, not just the first person to apply = everyone wins.


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