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Third Republic is a new breed of agency designed for the digital age of recruitment.  Embracing Recruitment Transformation, we deliver the advanced technology skills that businesses need in order to drive their own digital transformations.

We recognised that businesses are moving into a new era of talent acquisition. As society becomes digitally native, people are looking for work in new ways, and are managing their careers differently. However, the staffing industry remains oblivious to this evolution; recruitment agencies are not moving with the times, causing both candidates and clients to become disillusioned with the industry.

Simply put, we think differently from mainstream recruitment agencies. Our philosophy, our core beliefs and our understanding that the market is changing, sets us apart from others in our industry because we see the trends that our competitors don’t.

Other agencies are the same now as they were ten years ago, but we realise that people are managing their careers differently and so we have to source differently. This awareness enables us to adapt in order to identify and engage top-rated talent.

We encourage every client we work with to leave us a TrustPilot review, in a bid to make ourselves, and our brand, publicly accountable for how we act and treat our customers. As the top-rated agency in the UK on the TrustPilot platform, we are incredibly proud of our 9.9 rating. For more of our success stories, please see above. 

We recruit across a range of advanced technologies that businesses harness to drive their digital transformations. These include leading digital platforms such as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow, cloud platforms and engineering, strategy and architecture capabilities, and integration platforms.

With the rise in digital and technology, every business, across every industry, is looking to transform in order to get ahead of their competition. And, as firms continue to try and innovate, digitise and transform their operations, the demand for technology talent has increased exponentially. Indeed, the number of digital technology jobs across the UK has grown at twice the rate of other roles.

But, the pace of the digital revolution is so extreme that it has inevitably made digital skills an incredibly scare resource, and this disparity between need and want has created an ever-widening skills gap.

Recruitment agencies and businesses alike are using increasingly outdated methods to source their talent; relying on platforms like LinkedIn and mass transactional mailing, without realising that candidate behaviour has changed, and in-demand talent is simply not responding to these forms of engagement.

We have moved away from the Spray and Pray era and towards the Digital Era of recruitment – we call this recruitment transformation. We leverage modern resourcing methods and engage talent that other agencies and other internal recruiters can’t, in order to provide our clients with access to better qualified talent.

Third Republic doesn’t administrate large transactional databases of candidates. Instead, we build and manage private networks of top-rated talent by harnessing the power of over 140 social technologies and online communities.

We then spend more time, money and energy building genuine relationships with these private networks by running MeetUps and community events, producing thought leading content, and becoming Subject Matter Experts in our ecosystems. For more information on our sourcing methods, please request our Sourcing Overview.


We are constantly in contact with those in our networks; whether we’re meeting for a coffee or drinks, chatting over WhatsApp, or calling in once a week, our candidates want to maintain this communication and keep us updated because we take the time necessary to develop the trust and respect that underpins a genuine relationship.

We’re hands on in every aspect of the recruitment process; from sourcing candidates through to managing the placement and providing post-placement care and communication.

We currently have practices dedicated to sourcing and placing candidates across the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Benelux and the Nordics. But, please do get in touch if you having hiring needs outside of these regions to see if we can be of assistance.

We are committed to respecting your privacy, and Third Republic are a GDPR compliant business. Your data will not be shared outside of our internal system, and your CV will only be passed on to companies with your permission. 

We work with a huge range of clients, from globally recognised organisations down to innovative and high-growth starts ups.

Yes! We operate a referral scheme for the introduction of both permanent and contract candidates. Please get in touch to learn more about our Associate Agreement.

CloudPros is our community of top-rated freelance professionals, who have all been vetted, tested, qualified and verified in order to gain membership.

Our innovative sourcing methods enable us to access new talent pools, and in-demand skills, so our communities are made up of the professionals that other agencies can’t reach. Harnessing CloudPros therefore provides your business with access to the best of the best freelance skills, on demand.

And, as the first agency to operate a transparent margin policy, using CloudPros will enable you to augment your existing team with a reduction in resourcing costs.

Using subcontractors can be risky, as you have limited control over the quality and cost to your business. The vision for CloudPros was to take this risk out of sub-contracting, and instead create a way for businesses to augment their teams with additional skills in a fast, cost-effective and secure way.

Third Republic enables you to engage the best talent in the UK by building your own private community of trusted contractors that can support your existing team as, and when, you require.

For our contractors, CloudPros acts as a career management service. Our goal is to manage your availability when you roll off projects, and act as an inside sales team so that you are fully utilised throughout the year.

Our agents will know when you are scheduled to finish projects and will start working on your behalf before you complete, so that you can move from one contract to another seamlessly.

By choosing to work with Third Republic, and becoming a member of CloudPros, you can maximise the amount you are working, and the opportunities available to you, so that you don’t have to worry where your next role is coming from.

No. Whilst you will need to have your experience and skills qualified and vetted, Third Republic do not charge a fee to become a member.

Third Republic’s Cloud Careers is a talent management service that enables us to provide you with access to the opportunities that no one else can.

Simply put, we provide you with access to the opportunities that no one else can. Whilst 99% of agencies look for jobs on the online market – those that already exist, and that are under fierce competition – Third Republic harness their extensive network to source the best career opportunities, at the best companies, from the hidden job market.

Being a member of CloudCareers also means removing the stress and hassle from finding your next job, by working with one point of contact that truly understands you and what you want.

The hidden job market encompasses jobs that might not even be live, or even exist yet. The opportunities are only available to those with an extensive network of hiring managers - like Third Republic, who open these roles up for you exclusively. 

No, but we do require you to make a personal agreement that you will work with us exclusively.

Our consultants are committed to putting in the time and effort necessary to source you the job that will help drive your career forward. You consultant will map out an entire ecosystem on your behalf to identify the best career opportunities at the best companies. For this to work most effectively, and to ensure quality of service, we work exclusively with our candidates.

SourceChain is our proprietary online recruitment platform. Engage with our private networks of talent - that are built and managed by domain experts - in order to source and hire talent directly. 

SourceChain is our offering for businesses who wish to access talent and manage their hiring processes directly.

SourceChain operates on the same principles as our contingent recruitment model; we provide better access to top talent. We ensure our networks are made up of elite talent, with every candidate on the system being carefully screened and vetted by our specialists in order to ensure they really do possess the hard-to-find skills that businesses today need. 

Just as our consultants will only present opportunities that meet your specific wants and needs, SourceChain is stringent in how we match you with roles. Other online platforms operate on loose keyword matching, whilst SourceChain will scan your entire profile, skills, experience and job expectations before offering any potential opportunities.