Third Republic provides regular opportunities for those in our communities to meet, network, and learn from professionals in their ecosystems.

Salesforce Republic

By co-organising a wide range of MeetUps, we ensure that we are consistently bringing value to our Salesforce community by providing a space for professionals to meet, network and share their ideas and challenges. Every month we select a different area of the diverse ecosystem to focus on, in order to ensure that individuals across every spectrum of the Salesforce network are able to benefit.

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London MuleSoft Developers

The London MuleSoft Developers MeetUp was born out of the realisation that there is currently no independent MeetUp event, that is not vendor run, in London. A MeetUp run for Mule Devs, by Mule Devs, each session is intended to provided individuals in the MuleSoft community with the opportunity to exchange ideas, share real-life challenges and examples of their work in a neutral environment.

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SRE Republic

Over the past year, Site Reliability Engineering has become more and more important within the Berlin Tech Scene. However, there seems to be a real lack of distinct community. SRE Republic is here to change that; we've paired with some of the most important companies in Berlin to bring you speakers at the top of the SRE Field - Stay Tuned for more!

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Salesforce Republic DACH

Looking to bring value to the Salesforce communities in Germany, Third Republic is pleased to be sponsoring a number of MeetUps across Berlin, Frankfurt, Colgone, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Each event will focus on a different aspect of the Salesforce ecosystem, and will provide the opportunity for attendees to meet, network, and discuss their ideas and challenges that come with working in the ever-evolving and increasingly diverse world of Salesforce.

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DevOps Republic Cologne

Following on from our successful DevOps MeetUp in the UK, Third Republic are now helping to grow the DevOps community in Cologne. With each MeetUp covering a different DevOps topics, and with regular speakers, we welcome any DevOps professionals in the Cologne area to join us for this opportunity to learn, network, and grow the DevOps community in Cologne.

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DevOps Republic

Created as a platform for DevOps engineers, administrators, architects, leaders and evangelists in London, the All Hands-On DevOps MeetUp provides attendees with the opportunity to hear and participate in innovative and insightful discussions about all things DevOps, as well as the chance to network with fellow professionals, each MeetUp focuses on a new topic concerning DevOps as a methodology and platform.

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Workday Insights

Workday Insights provides an opportunity for professionals in the Workday space to meet, exchange opinions, and discuss their challenges in an informal and open manner. It is a space for individuals to come armed with questions, to help others, to learn from one another; and it all happens over some drinks and pizza.

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Architecture Republic

We understand that the world of Strategy and Architecture is all about keeping up-to-date with the constantly evolving world of technology. Architecture Republic helps our architecture community do just that; by bringing together leaders in their fields and providing a space to meet and discuss the topics that are on the forefront of everyone’s minds, and to learn from one another to help you build the right things, in the right way.

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