“I had the pleasure of working with Third Republic when they assisted our company, DAZN, in recruiting top-tier talent for our developer experience, SRE, cloud engineering, and product engineering teams.

Third Republics deep understanding of the engineering industry and their ability to swiftly identify, and plac​e high-caliber professionals via their Code Republic community were instrumental in enhancing our technical capabilities.

Their resourcefulness and proactive approach enabled us to meet our project goals efficiently, reflecting their strong grasp of business needs and the elite tech market. 

I highly recommend Third Republic as a partner to have if you are in a hyper-growth stage or in need of world-class talent”

The challenge:
Recruit 40 elite engineers at speed into various
engineering teams covering DevOps, SRE, and
cloud engineering in order to launch 2 software
development centers

Why was Third Republic selected?
Code Republic community of 150,000 vetted
engineers gave DAZN the confidence we could hire at scale and at lightning speed

Bruno Taveres
Head Of Software Engineering
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