Women In Tech Republic: The Podcast

Following on from the success of our #WomenInTechQA series, we’ve created the Women in Tech Republic Podcast!




This platform will expand the reach of our Women In Tech Q&A series and enable women working in the world of tech to share, help and encourage their peers. Our focus is to make technology a more attractive and inclusive, working environment for all.

As part of the series we speak with women working in all areas of the technology industry. They share their own journeys into the tech sector, as well as offer advice and top tips for careers in tech.



We’ll hear their thoughts on what we need to do to increase female representation in the sector. As well as discussing what needs to change in the culture of firms in order to attract more women to careers in tech.

This series is a must for anyone working in the world of tech or looking to get their tech career started. 

In our first episode Irina Ioana Brudaru, Executive Coach/Advisor at Codette discusses her experiences in the industry and the importance of mentorship in tech. Listen to the episode here.






If you would like to get involved with our #WomenInTechQA series, get it touch! Or to hear advice and real-world experiences from women in tech, check out our #WomenInTechWeek.

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