10 Tips for Sourcing High-Quality Talent in a Digital World

The world’s digital technology transformation is changing how we book holidays, drive our cars, hang out with friends and even, look for work. It’s a challenge for your business but the trick is, if you want to source quality talent in a digital world, you need to be where the talent is going.

Too many HR departments and internal recruiters are stuck in the past, using what are now out-dated strategies to source talent and coming up empty-handed. It can be incredibly stressful trying to manage looming deadlines when the skills you need to hire into your team are unavailable, or worse, seem to not even exist.

1. Embrace the art of social selling

Up until now, recruiting people has been a transactional process, not anymore.

To fully engage with the best talent for your team, embrace the art of social selling (the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process via social networks) by building and managing your own communities of highly qualified and desirable people. Nurturing these prospects essentially provides you with a pipeline of good people that you can access before your competitors. 

Done right, marketing to these networks can be an effective way to get your company known, liked and trusted. Increasing your brand equity and its appeal in the eyes of the people you want to come and work at your company is fundamental.

Though we think of social selling as an online activity, communities can be built offline too. Meetup groups and networking events can be tracked via social media, and used to engage with prospects in person.

It doesn’t matter if these prospects are actively looking for work or not, your goal is to nurture a pipeline of top rated talent that will turn to your company first when they’re ready to make a move. 


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