Salesforce Republic Meetups: Top Tips from a CTA and a Performance Coach

For the fifth Salesforce Republic meetup we had a change of scenery and hosted our November event at the incredible Rise, by Barclays offices alongside Mario De Luca at Altergaia. We understand the value and importance of networking, so as always attendees were provided with time at the beginning of the event to catch up with their peers – a great opportunity to connect with friends as well as new faces in the ecosystem. 

November saw two fantastic speakers join us and provide attendees with some fantastic career advice. Both Salesforce specific and more general advice to take their careers to the next level. Speaking first we had, Nick Powell, Founder at Stronger Self. In Nick’s talk, he revealed the tools and tactics that are needed to operate at the top of your career game. Our second speaker of the night was Ali Najefi, a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. Ali chatted all about what it takes to become a CTA.

Strategies to get you to the top

Professional performance coach, Nick Powell, kicked-off the evening with his expert advice, tips, tricks and strategies on how to operate at the top of your game and achieve career success. Nick specialises in human optimisation and performance. He works with various entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders, providing them with the tools to power up their careers, achieve a better work-life balance, manage/eliminate stress, become more energised, and most importantly have more fun.

Nick’s talk was incredibly interactive. He provided attendees with some great tips they could take away and put into practice right away. As a bonus, Nick sent everyone who attended the meetup a digital copy of his No.1 Amazon best-selling book, Limitless.

Q&A with a Salesforce CTA

After a short break, Ali rounded off the evening with his experiences of what it takes to become a successful CTA. He offered the audience his hints and tips to help define their own Salesforce career journeys. 

To finish, Ali opened the conversation to the floor inviting any questions about becoming a CTA and navigating the ecosystem. This prompted further insights around Salesforce careers including the various options available within the ecosystem and how to ensure success. 

Thank you

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event and contributed to a fantastic evening. With special thanks going to our wonderful speakers Ali and Nick for sharing their career tips, tricks and experiences and Rise, by Barclays and Mario De Luca at Altergaia for co-hosting the event with us at their HQ. 

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