Top 7 Tech Podcasts of 2021

The tech industry has a highly engaged community. From community groups to events and tech content, there is always something to catch your interest. The world of podcasts is no exception. There are countless podcasts talking about the tech industry out there and the list just keeps on growing.

If you’re looking for a podcast to kick-start the new year, we’ve listed our top 7 tech podcasts of 2021 to get you started, one for every day of the week!

1. This Week in Tech

This Week in Tech, or TWiT, is hosted by Leo Laporte, Founder of the podcast network Recorded every Sunday it’s tagline: ‘Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech’.

TWiT provides a weekly (as the name would suggest) discussion of the latest trends in high tech, particularly surrounding the latest technology news and reviews. Some of Leo’s roundtable participants include Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and John C. Dvorak. This podcast has also won the People’s Choice Podcast Award in 2005 for Best Technology Podcast.

2. Daily Tech News Show

If once a week was too long a wait, why not try the Daily Tech News Show podcast.

With an episode a day, this podcast talks about the top stories in the world of tech with the aim of helping you understand what is happening, and is hosted by Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane. With a mixture of long and concise episodes, not to mention the range of topics discussed; from privacy policies to interviews with CTAs and AI, there’s definitely something for everyone to listen to in this podcast series.

3. Software Defined Talk

Hosted by Cote, Brandon Whichard and Matt Ray, this podcast examines the enterprise and infrastructure aspects of the tech industry, from Kubernetes, serverless, cloud, DevOps and coding. Bringing you current news and entertaining discussions. Not only is the camaraderie between them almost tangible, but with weekly episodes and over 180 already in the archive this is a podcast not to be missed!

4. 2 WIT Podcast

The tagline for this podcast: ‘A podcast for women in tech doing life’ with a specific focus on Salesforce. This podcast is hosted by two inspiring women in the ecosystem; Kristi Campbell and Melinda Smith.

Kristi is a 4x certified Salesforce MVP and #AwesomeAdmin, alongside hosting the podcast she also leads the Salesforce User Group – Women In Tech – in Charlotte. Melinda is also a past MVP and Salesforce Consultant. Co-hosting not only the 2 WIT podcast but also the WITness Success Conference.

The bright, quick-witted and relatable hosts interview some brilliant guests and have empowering conversations for any women working in the tech space.

5. Women In Tech Republic

This podcast was created by Third Republic, as part of an employee-led initiative to create a platform for women working in the world of tech to share, help and encourage their peers. With the aim of making tech a more attractive and inclusive working environment for all.

As part of the podcast, women working in all areas of the tech industry share their stories, as well as offer advice and top tips for careers in tech.

6. Azure DevOps 

This podcast is presented by Jeffery Palmero, Microsoft MVP, and is particularly one for the developers out there! This is quite literally; ‘a show for developers and DevOps professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies.’

Each episode includes an interview with an industry professional, providing you with recommendations on how to ship software swiftly and accurately.

7. CloudFocus Weekly

CloudFocus Weekly is a podcast focused on all thigs and cloud computing.

Hosted by Justin Edelstein and Jason Atwood, both Salesforce MVPs, this podcast has been running for 10 years, so there’s lots of episodes to choose from! This thoughtful and engaging podcast is definitely one to listen to if you are in the Salesforce space – if it’s happening in the cloud, they are talking about it.

If you’ve made your way through all ten podcasts and are still wanting more, check out our previous blog that provides six Salesforce podcast recommendations here.

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