Recruitment Technology Digital Transformation | 4 min read

The Freelance Revolution: Gaining Access to Top Tech Talent

Digital Transformation is driving change across every industry on an unprecedented level. Next generation technologies such as social, ...

Technology Digital Transformation | 3 min read

10 of the Current Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Software development is rapidly changing. As platform and business needs evolve, programming languages, frameworks and technologies can ...

Recruitment Digital Transformation | 3 min read

Why it’s Getting Harder to Recruit Talent in Today's Digital World

Digital Transformation isn’t exactly news: we now have an entire generation of working adults who don’t remember life before the internet. ...

Recruitment Digital Transformation | 2 min read

Hiring the Right Skills is Vital to Digital Transformation Success

Almost every company, in every industry, is aiming to digitally transform. The business impacts of doing so are dominating boardroom ...
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