SRE Republic 3.0: The A-Z of Kubernetes

This month Third Republic held the third in the series of SRE Republic meetups. This was the first event that we’ve held at the impressive Google HQ in Munich.

In true SRE Republic style we had a fantastic line-up of three incredible speakers and experts in the world of SRE and Kubernetes – Max Körbächer, Kubernetes & AWS Solution Architect at Storm Reply, Randy Gupta, Google Developer Expert for Cloud, and Cornelius, SRE at Google.

Kubernetes with confidence

Experienced Cloud Solution Architect, Max Körbächer, kicked-off the evening with a presentation aimed at demystifying Kubernetes and giving people more confidence when working with containerisation. His presentation was incredibly insightful and really did cover the A-Z of Kubernetes and containerisation.

These are just some of the helpful insights that came out of Max’s talk:

•  Avoid application dependency on cloud providers
•  Failing is the fastest way to learn but fail once and learn from mistakes
•  Benchmark your cluster to find weakened points

•  Simplicity over complexity is important in a high complex environment
•  GitOps will become standard when managing components on Kubernetes

Going Serverless with Knative and Cloud Run

Next up was Randy Gupta, one of only 120 people in world awarded the coveted title of  Google Developer Expert for Cloud. Randy started off stripping it back to basics by using Kelsey Hightower’s explanation of Kubernetes “Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms”. He went on to discuss how Knative compares with Cloud Functions by saying “Knative provides abstraction from cloud providers and languages”.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Randy’s presentation ‘Going Serverless with Knative’:

•  Running serverless workloads with Knative on Kubernetes
•  How to scale from zero to infinite pods
•  Canary deployments with Knative

Running and updating Terraform

For the final talk of the evening, we heard from Cornelius, an experienced SRE working at Google in

Munich. He provided the group with some detail around how Google operates. Explaining that Terraform is one of the tools Google uses to collaborate on provision, and manage infrastructure on-prem and in-cloud. As part of this, Cornelius shared an interesting snippet of Seth Vargo, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud’s keynote speech. The video gives further details and numbers about the migration from Terraform 0.11 to 0.12.

Cornelius also discussed the ways in which the world of infrastructure brings people together. This made for a great closing to three incredibly interesting talks around SRE and the world of Kubernetes.

See you soon

This was only our third meetup and we had an incredibly impressive turn out. We would like to thank all those who attended the event and contributed to such an interesting evening, with special thanks going to our superstar speakers, David, Randy and Cornelius. We hope to see you all at our next event for more networking and interesting conversations around the world of SRE.

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