Essential Soft Skills for 2021

Whilst technical ability is important, the pandemic has proven that skills with a human element are vital in order to thrive in this changed working environment.

Below we’ve listed particular soft skills that we believe tech professionals will need to master to succeed in 2021.


Perhaps the most paramount soft skill of 2021 will be adaptability; having a growth mindset.

The current pandemic has changed the working landscape for most within the tech industry. With many organisations now implementing different approaches to the working environment – be that full-time office work, a flexible approach of both office and remote working, or a completely remote environment – being able to adapt to these different setups will allow you to be continually productive in your role. 

This also applies to learning new skills, in a previous blog we wrote about how the expectations of technology have changed because the industry has undergone such rapid transformation in such a short period of time. Adapting to the industry may mean that you are required to learn new skills in order to stay up-to-date with industry trends. 

Highlighting your adaptability towards working environments and continual learning will make you an asset to prospective employers.


Resilience is a skill that centres around your mindset.

Having a resilient outlook allows you to gather a support system around you and maintain your perspective. This will be particularly helpful in these uncertain times.

In the context of the workplace resilience helps you to manage stress and maintain a work-life balance, which can be particularly difficult when working remotely.

Check out our previous blog that provides top tips on how to relax after remote working all day.

Focus Mastery 

With a heavily remote working environment predicted for 2021, focus mastery is key.

For many, the difficulty when working remotely is ignoring distractions. Having the ability to focus improves concentration and productivity.

In a wider context, focus mastery helps to improve decision making skills and will also enable you to clearly define your goals and work towards achieving them.


Always a consistent key soft skill, communication has become every more important.

As a result of the pandemic many organisations moved to a completely remote working environment, during which good communication proved essential. In order to avoid miscommunications and potential mistakes from occurring within teams, tech leaders had to clearly convey they expectations so that everyone was on the same page.

Team Work

Hand in hand with communication skills is team work.

When taking about the future of work and the ‘remoteness’ of it all, many mention the loss of the ‘water cooler’ moment. The lack of an office environment takes away the traditional team structure, this means that individuals must work even harder to implement team culture into a remote working environment. 

Having strong team work skills will help to cement this team structure and enable team members to work effectively together.

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