5 Ways a Side Hustle Can Benefit Your Tech Career

A ‘side hustle’ refers to any additional work you take on whilst employed in a full-time role. Side hustles can be related to the role you already work in; a popular example would be to accept some freelance work. Or they can be completely unrelated to the tech industry and instead focus on turning a hobby into a side business.

Whilst a side hustle may seem like a stressful way to pile even more work onto your already busy schedule, there are definite benefits to creating a side hustle. Below we’ve listed 5 ways having a side hustle can help advance your tech career.

Skills Development

Perhaps the main way that a side hustle can benefit your career is through the skills that you will learn by undertaking the additional role.

As the owner of your side hustle you will have full autonomy over its success, allowing you to develop many skills, for example: leadership, problem-solving and time management. Having responsibility over the project will give you the opportunity to broaden your skillset in areas that you have not pursued before.

These skills can then be utilised in your tech team, helping you to increase the productivity of your team and potentially taking on additional responsibility in your role.

Discover Your Passion

Many people start a side hustle to explore their passion.

Since a side hustle is additional employment, this will give you more flexibility to expand your expertise without the pressure of the side hustle having to succeed.

Side hustles can also help you to identify what you truly enjoy doing in the tech industry. In some cases, this could then result in a career change or even making your side hustle a full-time role.

Build Your Network

Starting a side hustle will also allow you to make new connections within the industry and create your own opportunities.

A benefit of building your network through your side hustle is that if you ever wanted to make the side hustle your full–time role, you will already have access to connections that can help you with this. Expanding your network will enable you to effectively position yourself within the industry.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Your side hustle can be a great example of your experience and ability when applying for roles within the industry.

A side hustle will also demonstrate to potential employers and recruiters your initiative.

Extra Income

One of the obvious reasons to start a side hustle is the extra income that it creates.

Having a side hustle generates more income flexibility which can help to reduce anxiety when applying for your next role in the industry.

If you are considering a side hustle, our best advice is to build your network and give it a go!

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