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Salesforce Republic Meetups: Fundamentals of CPQ and Advice from a Salesforce Talent Expert

Chris Harvey
Written by Chris Harvey

In October we hosted our fourth Salesforce Republic meetup, this time back at Third Republic HQ. As always, we kicked the evening off allowing our attendees some time for networking over drinks and pizza. This is a great opportunity to get to know new faces (and reconnect with more familiar faces) in the ecosystem in a relaxed environment. 

Speaking at the event we had expert in CPQ (Configure Price Quote) and Transformation Project Manager, Nick Benton. Nick is a seasoned programme leader with a wealth of experience leading large teams within the Salesforce application ecosystem. Nick spoke all about CPQ Fundamentals and what to look out for in a Configure Price and Quote project. As well as, sharing his thoughts on what to consider when embarking on a CPQ project. 

Configure Price and Quote Fundamentals

Nick kicked-off the evening with his guidelines on how to approach a CPQ Project and the benefits to businesses for doing so. Below is an outline of the process that Nick suggests taking when implementing a CPQ project: 

1.  Map your process
2.  Clean your catalogue
    -  Be brave
3.  Create your selling and pricing strategy
    -  Keep it simple to allow guided up-selling 
4.  Simplify your process
    -  S
ay no to a lot
5.  Build a great team
    -  Y
ou will need masters and apprentices
6.  Consider your installed base
    -  How will you integrate?
7.  Choose your vendor carefully 
8.  Create your roll out strategy 
9.  Deliver and monitor

To finish, Nick opened the conversation to the floor inviting any questions and prompting further insights into CPQ projects and how to manage them. This led to some interesting conversations around how to price and quote and the benefits of doing so. 

Career advice from a Salesforce talent expert

After another break and opportunity to network, the evening was rounded off by our very own Salesforce careers expert and Practice Lead, Mani Ross. Mani has been in recruitment for 9 years and has spent the last 3 years at Third Republic advising Salesforce professionals on their careers.

Mani discussed the current skills gap in the Salesforce market and how to best maximise chances of career progression and promotion. He spoke about the rapid growth of Salesforce and as the ecosystem continues to grow, there is a predicted 4.2 million new jobs between 2019 and 2024. And how this growth means it's a great time for professionals to be a part of the ecosystem as they grow and progress their careers.

These are Mani's top Salesforce careers takeaways: 

•  Certifications are great but experience is key
•   Do not only chase money
•   Establish a relationship with a recruiter
•   Take an interest in tech as a whole not just Salesforce
•   Get involved with community events and network
•   Take time to understand the wider salesforce ecosystem
•   Always learn

Thank you

As always we'd like to thank everyone who attended the event, as well as Mani for sharing his careers tips and of course, our fantastic speaker Nick for sharing his knowledge of CPQ. Everyone contributed to a great evening, there were some really interesting conversations had and insights and experiences shared. 

The date and location for our next meetup has been released. Don't miss out, sign up today!