Recruitment Relationships: Building a Solid Foundation

Working with a Recruiter can work out one of two ways, it can be a seamless experience where you’re provided a genuine professional who cares about your next move, takes the time to get to know you and your personality, and also provides a good sample of the market while providing consistent feedback that adds value to your process. 

On the opposite side of the coin, it can be a difficult and challenging experience where you’re given roles you’re not interested in and advice that isn’t relevant to your career. 

The article below, provides some insight into how to build that initial foundation when you starting working with a professional on your next career move! Chris provides some common sense insight into how to break down those initial barriers and have a fruitful recruiting experience!

I agree with a lot of what he has to say, the most important place for people like me helping people make these giant life decisions is to come from a genuine position of empathy. It’s easy going through these processes every day to take for granted the gravity of the decision your candidates are making.

The only thing I might add to what Chris summarizes is that communication is key! Most Candidate/Recruiter relationships are the first time either person has met, that chemistry you may have with someone you know just does not have the time to develop. This makes communication and clarity key pieces to building trust fast and enhancing the candidate experience.

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