Maximise Your Technical CV With These Top Tips

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your first interview when applying for a new role. It is the first thing that recruiters and potential employers will receive from you, so it’s important that it makes the right impression.

Your CV is what gets you through the door and onto the next stage in the interview process. It is where you highlight your previous accomplishments, indicate why you would be perfect for the role and display what you would bring to the team. The tech industry is competitive, in order to land your dream role, it is vital to stand-out from the crowd. The first step to achieving this, is through your CV.

We’ve listed our top tips below to help you maximise your CV.

Specific to You

When putting together your CV make sure it is specific to you.

A great way to provide evidence of your ability is to discuss the previous projects you have worked on during your career. But when talking about previous job roles try not to just talk about the projects as a whole and what they helped the organisation to achieve. Remember to highlight the role you played in completing that project; what specifically did you work on? How did that contribute to the success of the team?

Your prospective employer is not interested in hiring your previous team, they want to hire you, so emphasise to them how you can bring value to their company through your previous experience.

Make it Relevant

Every organisation is different, make sure your CV reflects that and is relevant to the role and organisation that you are applying for.

Tailoring your CV to the role you are applying for will enable you to effectively position yourself within the organisation. When hiring for a new role cultural fit can sometimes be just as important as technical ability, your CV is a great way to demonstrate how you would fit into the company. Relating your CV to the specific company you are applying for will help you to emphasise the enthusiasm you have for that organisation and why you couldn’t miss the opportunity to able for this role.

Whilst this make take extra time and effort, it will be worth it.


Alongside previous experience, mentioning any certifications or accolades that you have achieved during your career is a fantastic way to emphasise your technical ability.

Certifications and other accolades are an effective way to showcase your technical ability as not only are they validated by the organisation presenting the awards, for example, Salesforce and Google, but the process to receiving them can be difficult and require dedication.


This may seem simple, but having a clear, understandable CV can be very effective.

Make sure your CV is easy to read, one way to check this is to have a friend to look at it before you submit it to any recruiters or potential employers.

With these top tips you will be making the most out of your CV!

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