What Love Island Can Teach You About Job Hunting… yes, really.

It’s that time of year again – the show you vehemently deny enjoying, the show you love to hate, has burst back onto our screens for eight glorious weeks. I am of course talking about Love Island.

While it may seem like just another reality TV show to get lost in, there are actually some pretty good lessons about the world of job hunting to take away from the show. Bear with me on this one…


My type on paper

A phrase now synonymous with finding a perfect match in a potential partner, can, believe it or not, be used when finding your dream job. Have you ever seen a job ad that met all of your requirements? That was so perfect that you had to apply immediately? Congratulations, that job is your type on paper and you should definitely put yourself out there and apply.


Getting mugged off

It’s happened multiple times on the show; someone thinks they’ve found the person of their dreams, and the other party just isn’t interested (Also referred to as being ‘mugged off’).

Unfortunately, this often happens in the world of job hunting. You apply for what you believe is your dream job, only to be turned down by the business in question. The key here is not to be disheartened; in true Love Island fashion, getting rejected by someone is not the end of the world. You need to be prepared to dust yourself off and open yourself up to alternate opportunities. Chances are, something better suited to you will come along.

Remember to remain optimistic and open-minded in these situations.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

When it comes to job searching, take a leaf out of Love Island’s book – be open to applying and interviewing for a range of jobs, that way you keep your options open and enable yourself to find the best fit for you. It’s rare that the first job you apply for is the one you’ll end up getting, or even the one you want, so don’t be afraid to explore multiple opportunities at once.

Equally as important, don’t say no to an interview opportunity that you’re unsure about. Job hunting, much like coupling up on Love Island, is about trying out a few different things to see what’s right for you. You might be pleasantly surprised when you interview at one of your less obvious choices and find that it is a perfect match.  


Know what you want and don’t settle for anything less

One thing the islanders definitely don’t do is settle; they couple and recouple until they’ve found the perfect match. This is definitely the approach you should take when looking for a job.

Keeping your requirements and standards in mind when you search, and knowing you’re worth, is critical. If you think a job isn’t right for you, then it most likely isn’t. Follow your gut because it’s a lot harder to recouple with a job if you end up taking the wrong one.


Grafting works

Although sometimes considered lame to ‘graft’ (also known as working hard) to for the attention of a potential partner, there’s a reason people do it: it works.

The same is true for trying to get the attention of a potential employer. Just as the islanders will often recouple with someone who makes the effort to get to know them, a business wants someone who wants to work there so you need to put the time and effort (graft) in to show that you’re serious about an opportunity.

Ensure your CV is up to date and tailored to the job you’re applying for and put in the necessary time to adequately prep for your interviews. It sounds like simple advice, but it can be easy to forget that sometimes you have to prove you want something to get it.


I’ve got a text!

Just as the producers like to be able to drop a dramatic text to the cast at any time, you should always be communicating when you’re looking for potential jobs. Whether with your recruitment consultant, or an organisations internal recruiter, make sure you respond to the appropriate party in a timely fashion in order to ensure you come off well.

Ignoring emails and calls isn’t just rude, it’s unprofessional and could damage your personal brand if you ever want to work with a business or recruitment consultant again.

If an opportunity isn’t right for you don’t just ignore it, be sure to let them know rather than avoiding the issue.


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