Maintaining Motivation During Your Job Search

Maintaining motivation when searching and applying for jobs is difficult. Add on top of that the current pandemic situation, with more uncertainty around the job market, and sustaining a high level of motivation can seem impossible.

However, we’ve listed some things to remember during the process of finding your next role, that will help you to maintain and even increase your motivation.

Celebrate the Little Wins

When applying for jobs it can be difficult to keep a proactive mindset. It is important to recognise the hard work that you are putting into each application and interview and celebrate that. Too often people focus on the negative aspects of job hunting; I didn’t get invited to the coding interview, the feedback I received was not great; instead of the positives. Although you didn’t get invited to the coding interview this time around, you still got to the first stage. Whilst the feedback you received wasn’t all good, the feedback may be constructive and can then be utilised in your next job interview.

Acknowledging the things that you have achieved can help to build a sense of purpose as well as progress, keeping you in that proactive mindset.

Maximise Your Time

One of the biggest ways to lose motivation quickly, is by putting all your energy into things that give you little return. What I mean by this is: spend more time on things that will contribute to a bigger gain; if something should only take you 30 minutes to complete, do not spend longer than 30 minutes on it. Allocating your time and energy into the job application process effectively will not only increase your motivation but will also make you more productive.

Related to this is my next point: remember when to re-charge your batteries. Putting all your attention and focus into finding your next role can be draining. It is sometimes necessary to take a step back. Taking breaks from the job searching process will help to maintain your motivation as it will reduce the feeling of burnout. This will also allow you to review where you are in the job search and formulate a ‘next steps’ plan.

Set Realistic Goals

With uncertainty surrounding the job market currently and lots of companies now offering remote working roles, the industry is more competitive than ever. A fundamental aspect of maintaining motivation when searching for your next job role, is setting yourself realistic goals.

By making sure that you aren’t giving yourself impossible goals to achieve, this will help you to maintain motivation as you will recognise and celebrate (see above), the progress you have made. Setting goals will also enable you to be intentional in what you want to achieve, providing you with focus.

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Remembering these three things when searching for your next role will help you to maintain your motivation until you land your dream job.

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