Top Tips For Your Job Interview During This Pandemic

Whilst the pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty around job roles in particular industries, with people being made furloughed or even redundant, demand for technological innovation has increased. A study by IFS found that 70% of businesses plan to increase or maintain their spending on digital transformation during the pandemic. 

This increase in demand is due to the fact that many organisations have realised the importance of digital transformation, as a result of having to transition to a fully remote working environment, in addition to needing to provide digital solutions for their services. Speaking on the increase in demand for tech professionals Antony Walker, the deputy chief executive of TechUK, told the BBC; “We’ve seen two years of digital transformation happening in the space of two weeks.”

Companies are now offering remote working roles which means that applicants are not restricted by location when applying. With big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter either extending their remote working policies or keeping fully remote working indefinitely, now is a great time to apply for your next role. This means that the interview process may no longer be the same. To help you with your next job interview during this pandemic, we’ve listed some top tips below.

Be Creative

For any job interview whether during or post pandemic, you want to stand out from the crowd (for all the right reasons), especially with the tech industry being the third most competitive. One way to achieve this is through creativity.

As tech professionals, you should use technology to your advantage and devise a creative solution to the application/interview process. For example, instead of submitting a classic CV document, why not create a short video that highlights your experiences, achievements and what you can bring to the role.

Ask Specific Questions

It is important to still ask questions during your job interview. 

Not only does asking questions show that you are interested in the role and the organisation, but with COVID-19 altering how a lot of companies will operate in the near future, as well as potentially shifting their priorities towards a more digital focus, asking specific questions will allow you to effectively position yourself within the organisation to your interviewer(s). As well as manage your expectations for what is expected of you whilst in the role.

A caveat to this, is to remember to do your research before the interview. Asking questions for which the answer is easily available through other resources, may have the undesirable effect of making the interviewer(s) think that you are underprepared.

Make Use of Recruiters

Recruiters are useful not only for finding you that perfect role, but also during the interview process. 

Recruiters see a lot of job applications, they also work closely with the companies they are recruiting for. Getting advice from your recruiter, not just about the role which you are applying for but also about the company/industry as a whole can be what really makes you stand out during your interview.


Don’t forget to follow-up with your interviewer and ask for feedback. 

This is crucial as it highlights your interest in the position and your intention to follow through. One study found that less than 25% of interviewees send a ‘thank you’ message after an interview. On top of that, a study by CareerBuilder indicated that 22% of hiring managers would reject a candidate that did not send a thank you message after an interview. 

During this pandemic it is important to start the follow-up process even during the interview. When the interview is over be sure to ask your interviewer when they expect to make the hiring decision, this will give you a sense of assurance in these uncertain times and will enable you to plan your follow-up messages appropriately.

If unsuccessful, receiving constructive feedback is essential to improving your interviewing style for the next interview.

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With these top tips you will be able to stand out from the crowd in your next job interview during this pandemic.

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