How to Increase Your Job Security

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world of work upside down – but the good news is there are steps you can take to prove your worth, help you keep the job you have, and thrive even during difficult periods. 

Of course, there are no guarantees but by taking these steps you’ll also be making yourself a more appealing candidate in case you do need to search for something new.

1. Resilience, Flexibility, Adaptability and Thoughtfulness

These are four soft skills that are highly valued by most companies in today’s day and age. Of all of these, naturally, resilience is the most critical trait at this time. Doing whatever it takes to stay afloat and handle the unknown is essential.

Beyond maintaining that momentum, you’ll also need to evolve. Specifically, you should be paying attention to what’s happening at your company and looking at industry trends more broadly. Make it your job to meet the needs of the shifting circumstances.

Take on the tasks and projects that need to be tackled in this new reality to help your employer succeed right now. Whether that’s running virtual meetings or taking on a different role or additional responsibilities within a smaller company – go with the flow.

And if you can do all that while also being kind and thoughtful to your manager, teammates, and coworkers across the company, you’ll become known as someone who can take on anything as well as an excellent colleague no one would want to part with.

2. Be an Ideas Person

It’s not just about being flexible and adaptable when it comes to your own role; you also want to use your creativity to benefit the entire business. Bring new ideas to the table to help your company make it through the unforeseen obstacles of the present moment and those still ahead. It’s time to rewrite all the playbooks of how things should be done. Remember, there are no bad ideas. And even if your ideas don’t directly help, your creativity and resourcefulness will still make you a valuable employee.

3. Never Stop Learning

Even before the global pandemic, there’s always been continual learning is something that is essential for a career in tech. In order to succeed in your current role, keep an eye on the bigger picture in case you need to make a move later.

Pay close attention to the fields best positioned to grow during this pandemic – what tech skills are becoming more and more prominent? Reflect on skills you haven’t yet developed but may need and then focus on acquiring them, even for just one hour a week.

Taking this time to be both introspective and proactive can help your company in the here and now, as well as help you in the long run, since you’ll gain a reputation as a self-starter who takes the initiative to step up when needed.

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