Tips to Increase Your Earning Potential in Salesforce

In 2019 the IDM reported that Salesforce and those in the ecosystem are projected to create 4.2 million new roles and $1.2 trillion in business revenues worldwide, between then and 2024. It would seem that now is the perfect time to consider an increase in your salary, either at your current role, or in one yet to be created.

To help with this we’ve listed some top tips below that will give you that extra boost when it comes to achieving that increase in salary.

Certifications are Key

This is probably one of the most used and obvious tips on this topic, which is why it’s listed first, but certifications are a way to prove to recruiters and employers that you know your stuff. Salesforce offers so many certifications for you to gain, that the choice can be overwhelming, but just know that whether you decide to choose an area you have little experience in, or expand on an already thorough knowledge base, every certification is valuable. 

That’s not to say that actual experience on projects and in the Salesforce ecosystem is unimportant, but certifications provide that ‘cherry on top of the cake’ when it comes to an increase in salary. 

Check out some of the certifications Salesforce has to offer here.


This point goes hand-in-hand with the above. Whilst certifications give you verification of your theoretical knowledge, experience provides you with the practical and is essential when planning for an increase in salary. 

If you’re not currently in your dream job, that’s okay you are gaining experience for the role! Getting experience in different roles, allows you to expand on your knowledge and can provide you with best practices for the industry. 

Represent Yourself

This point is all about your brand image. As a Salesforce professional your network is fundamental, particularly as a way of securing job opportunities, and gaining that salary increase. 

So it’s important that you not only provide them with the most relevant and up-to-date information about your certifications and experience, on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, but interact with them as well. Communicating with the Salesforce ecosystem has never been so easy, with the current pandemic meaning that events and meetups are happening virtually, you can access them from anywhere.

Sign up to our meetup page to learn more about the events we hold around Salesforce Republic, and to network with other Salesforce professionals.


It is essential that when asking for an increase in salary, in Salesforce or any industry, you are confident in your abilities. If you don’t believe you are worth the amount you are asking for, chances are the person with the purse strings won’t either. 

But having certifications, experience and representing yourself, are all ways to build your confidence and emphasise your abilities to the recruiter or hiring manager.


Giving yourself a benchmark for what is an appropriate salary at your role and current point in your career, is practical because it allows for comparison between where you are now and where you would like to be in the future. Benchmarks enable you to be realistic in your expectations and you never know, they may highlight that you are even exceeding those expectations. 

When creating benchmarks it is essential that you consider your geographical location, as this can influence your salary. For example, a Senior Salesforce Administrator in the US, would expect an average salary of $118,000, whereas a Senior Salesforce Administrator in the UK, would expect an average salary of £52,000. This is purely on a continental basis, but you can drill down even further and research regional salary expectations as well. If there are considerable regional or national differences in salary, you might want to consider travelling for work. However, the current working from home environment has emphasised the productivity and capability that remote working has to offer, providing a certain flexibility with locations. In fact, more businesses are now looking to fill long-term roles remotely, including: Salesforce, Amazon and Microsoft.

A brilliant method of providing yourself with benchmarks is through role models. Find someone in the Salesforce ecosystem that you admire, someone in a role you want to fulfil in the future and use their current salary as a benchmark for what you want to achieve. There is evidence that in the tech industry a gender gap in salaries exists, with women receiving 25% less than men, in high-tech companies. In a previous Third Republic blog, we considered whether mentorship and role models can help to elevate this disparity, by encouraging more women into the industry.

If you’re a Salesforce professional looking to land your dream job – with your dream salary – get in touch with one of our specialised Salesforce consultants!

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