Steps to Gaining Confidence in Your Role

Having confidence in the workplace allows you to not only maintain motivation and productivity but enables you to comfortably interact with colleagues and network.

Feeling confident in your ability to fulfil a job role within any organisation can be a struggle, but with many businesses now working remotely and implementing a more flexible approach to work than the traditional nine-to-five week, not having an office structure can make it all the more difficult for people to feel confident in their role.

We’ve listed our top tips below to help you take those steps and gain confidence in the workplace.

Dress the Part

One of the perks working remotely offers, besides a lack of commute, is the ability to wear what you like. However, getting stuck into a cycle of constantly wearing pyjamas or comfy clothes, can lead to a decrease in motivation, thus making you feel less confident in your work.

Even if you aren’t going into the office and instead are working from the kitchen table, it is important to dress as if you were in an office environment. This will allow you to develop the mindset of being in the office and being productive during the day. An added benefit of ‘dressing the part’, means having to change at the end of the working day is a great way to differentiate between home and office hours when working remotely, allowing you to disconnect from work and avoid burnout.

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Professional Development

One way to feel more confident in your ability to fulfil a role is to continue learning and developing your knowledge.

Continuous learning not only leads to professional development which can help to advance in your career, it is also the perfect way to stay on top of hot topics and trends in the constantly changing and ever-evolving tech industry.

The tech industry as a whole, and in particular, segments like Salesforce, provide multiple opportunities to gain credentials and accolades that will reinforce your ability not only to yourself, but also to potential employers.

Silence Your Inner Critic

Imposter syndrome is the idea that despite accomplishments, people still doubt their skills and ability. Alongside gaining credentials and accolades, to gain confidence in the workplace you need to have believe in your ability to fulfil the role.

Whilst this can be difficult to achieve, talking about it with a mentor and tracking your success are great ways to gain that inner belief and confidence.


Part of gaining confidence in your ability is being able to talk about what you are doing in your role.

Participating in networking, whether that be at industry events in a formal setting, or just grabbing a cup of coffee with a colleague in a less formal setting, can help you to gain confidence in the workplace.

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Take on The Challenge

The final ‘top tip’ to gaining confidence within your role, is to take on that next challenge.

Putting yourself up for new opportunities within the workplace can help you to grow both professionally and personally.

Going through the process of a promotion, or interview for extra responsibility, provides the opportunity to justify to your employers why you should be given the position, which will help to strengthen the belief in your ability and build your confidence.

Our best advice is that whilst gaining confidence in your role and your ability to fill that role can seem like a daunting task, taking little steps like attending a networking event, or learning about a new trend within the industry are great ways to help you build that confidence.

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