Why Tech Professionals Should Engage With The Community

Communities are a great way for people to collaborate, innovate, support each other, and grow in their career. As part of our Q&A series, we’ve had many discussions with leaders and influencers in the tech world, and an aspect that particularly shines through during these conversations is the sense of community within the industry.

But why should you engage with the tech community? How will it benefit your career? We’ve put together some key reasons why getting involved is essential for career advancement.

Professional Development

Participating in the community is a great way to show prospective employers that you are dedicated to your career and interested in developing your knowledge. A key part of attending meetups is to hear about the latest technology, watch demo’s from technical innovators and gain best practice on how to implement that technology into your organisation.

Discovering Your Passion

Whilst the majority of tech professionals are passionate about their career and the technology they work with, getting involved with the community can really allow you to develop skills in the areas you’re enthusiastic about.

Being part of the community also enables you to express your passion in different formats such as writing blogs, speaking at an event, and even simply networking with like-minded professionals about the tech that inspires you.

No matter how niche your interest is, it’s inevitable that you’ll find a community group out there to share knowledge, experiences and your interests with.

If you are thinking about getting involved with a community and would like to write insightful content for other tech professionals, check out our Salesforce Republic blog and contact us about becoming a guest writer!

Making Connections

It goes without saying that joining a community group is a great way to meet other tech professionals within the industry. Engaging with the community provides the perfect opportunity to network, collaborate, and innovate with individuals that share the same interests as you.

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Alongside the professional advantages to making connections within the tech community, there are also personal benefits. Particularly in these uncertain times when many people are socially distancing and working remotely, joining a group within the community is an excellent way to connect with people and reduce the feeling of loneliness.

Many community events are now being held virtually, making it easier to access and engage with professionals in the industry, even if it is through a screen.

Support Each Other

When people talk about joining community groups perhaps the main benefit that comes to mind is career advancement, but that’s not the only impact the community can have.

Community groups are a place where individuals can come together, not only to talk about the latest technologies or hot topics, but also to share their experiences.

Engaging in the tech community is one way to make a difference within the industry. One example of this is the underrepresentation of women in tech. Women In Tech Republic is a community group that aims to improve diversity in the tech market. By inspiring and educating women currently working in the space, as well as encouraging more women to take up a career in the ever-expanding world of tech.

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In our recent CTO Roundtable event, Chief Technology Officer at Wunder, Florian Loretan highlighted that whilst in the beginning of a developer career the main source of interest lies in the ‘cool’ technology that you are working with, as you mature and advance in your career, that interest evolves into the impact that technology has on society.

Participating in the community allows you to have an impact on the industry you’re so passionate about!

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