5 DevOps Podcasts For Learning On The Go

DevOps has been on the rise for some time now. While some companies and individuals have yet to discover the endless opportunities DevOps provides, more and more people are gradually becoming interested in this growing niche.

Whilst there is still a fairly small pool of talent in the DevOps industry, it’s important not to get complacent. In this ever-evolving field there’s always something new to learn. This is where podcasts can help – they are a fantastic way of staying up to date on industry news and goings on in the world of DevOps.

We’ve hand-picked some of the top podcasts that are perfect for everyone, whether you’re new to DevOps or are a seasoned pro! Listen to these on the go to stay in the know, anytime and anywhere!

1. DevOps Paradox

What is DevOps? Viktor Farcic and Darin Pope attempt to answer this and many more questions with the help of industry leading experts. Discover DevOps secrets, embrace and dive into the ambiguity of the DevOps craft. This a wonderful companion to Viktor Farcic’s books and video training courses. 

2. The Azure DevOps Podcast

Hosted by Chief Architect, Jeffery Palermo and sponsored by software engineering firm Clear Measure, this podcast is perfect for both developers and DevOps professionals using Microsoft technologies and those who just want to widen their knowledge of the industry. There are numerous interviews with company leaders and engineers providing insights into everything from app development, to events, and news.

3. DevOps Chat

Produced by online magazine DevOps.com, the podcast features conversations with the leaders of major DevOps tool developers as well as recognised thought leaders across the developer space. Alongside his guests, host, Alan Shimel, Founder and CEO of MediaOps covers the latest news, insights and innovations in the world of DevOps.

4. Arrested DevOps

This podcast is hosted by IT and DevOps professionals, Joe LahaBridget KromhoutMatty Stratton, Trevor Hess, and Jessica Kerr. The team of professionals interview developers and engineers from some of the biggest companies in IT. They discuss topics around the state of DevOps, experiences with DevOps, best practices, operations and many other hot topics. This is a great podcast for varied content.

5. DevOps and Docker

This podcast follows a question and answer format from the host, Brett Fisher’s weekly Youtube show. Fisher is a seasoned Docker course creator and mixes the content up with guest interviews covering all aspects of DevOps, cloud management, Docker, and container tools like Kubernetes and AWS. 


Whether you’re new to podcasts or have been an avid listener for a while, next time you have a long commute, are taking the dog for a walk or just have some spare time, give one of these a listen and get learning on the go!


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