DevOps: Why is it Important and How Does it Help?

As you’re probably already well aware, DevOps skillsets continue to be in high demand. Plain and simple, there are more job openings than qualified candidates. Ultimately, the only remedy to this is time – as more firms adopt these methods, more engineers are exposed to the tools and ideas, resulting in a larger pool of qualified candidates.

How do we get there?

How can an organization effectively teach their workforce about these new ideas, while not interrupting business as usual? First, you need buy-in from the team. Teaching people how DevOps can help their day-to-day and improve the quality of their job is one way to get a team interested in learning. I think almost every engineer would love to be able to spend less time on mundane tasks that can be automated, and more time on building something that they are passionate about.

Added value 

DevOps, when used correctly, is a force multiplier and does not have to be as daunting as it may seem. In the past I worked with a gentleman who consults for small businesses that operate online stores. He was able to give his clients instant ROI by implementing automated systems to scale servers up or down as needed.

Automated infrastructure scaling is one area that can result in instant savings. Some firms would only need this temporarily for an expected traffic spike (i.e. Christmas shopping), some needed it permanently. The main point is that there was an immediate value add with zero disruption.

Another thing that can be done is implementing monitoring tools. When you begin to use multiple different services within a cloud provider, it can become a job in itself to manage and monitor performance. Using tools to automatically pull data and create dashboards will allow your organization to get insights on system/network performance. It can also provide valuable information on how end users interact with the service.

Adapting is essential

Adding new tools and methods will always carry an element of risk, but failure to adapt will almost guarantee your downfall in today’s tech-focused landscape. DevOps will make it easier to make changes down the road, it will allow you to re-use resources and standardize best practices across your organization, and ultimately will be necessary to keep up with the rest of the pack.

Every industry is changing (recruitment included) – being on the winning or losing side will come down to technology. Would you rather be Blockbuster or Netflix? Your tech stack will decide.


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