Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Commute

Let’s face it: commutes definitely aren’t the best part of most people’s day. They can be stressful and particularly long commutes can negatively impact productivity, as well as mental health. However, for many of us, commuting is an essential part of everyday life. 

Here are some of our top tips that might help to make your commute more enjoyable and productive. Who knows you might start to look forward to a little ‘me’ time.

Take your time

This may require you getting up earlier or streamlining your morning routine. But ensuring your journey to the office is as stress-free as possible, can have a big impact on your mood. Kicking off your day with running to catch a train, being stuck in traffic, or arriving late to a meeting can really have a negative impact on the rest of your day. These issues can often be easily avoidable with appropriate planning. Of course, some things are outside of your control, but make it as easy as possible for yourself.

If you always find yourself in a hurry in the mornings, evaluate your routine and what might be making you late. Adjust accordingly, even if it means setting a louder alarm, going to the gym or eating breakfast in the office. 

Do what you can to adjust your travel plans to better fit your schedule. If you have an early call, see if you can take the call from home and come into the office after for a less stressful start. 

Switch off

It can be a good idea to put your phone out of sight and to use your commute time to clear your mind. We know many people use this time as a chance to catch up on emails but using this time to unplug can do wonders for your stress levels. Once or twice a week, try turning your notifications off and use this time to switch off. You should never feel guilty for not being more “productive” on your commute. 

Connect with family and friends 

While the commute can be a great time to disconnect and switch off, it can also be a good time to catch up with family and friends. If you drive to work, consider using the time to make phone calls you won’t be able to make once in the office. Call your mum or your dad, email friends that live overseas or check in on your grandparents. It’s a great time to connect with people that might feel neglected sometimes because of your busy schedule. This one benefits not only you but the people you connect with too.

Mix it up

Remember to use your time in ways that most benefit you. This is especially true when it comes to your commute, which can easily become a dreaded part of the day. Try different things, mix it up, and find out what makes your commute a little more bearable. 

Podcasts are fast becoming an incredibly popular commuter tool. Talk to your colleagues, peers, and friends to find out what they’re listening to. Give it a go but if it isn’t for you, move onto something more enjoyable. The same goes for reading books, listening to music or the radio, or any other commuter activity you might use to keep yourself entertained and de-stress. 

Remember to mix it up, you don’t have to occupy your commute times doing the same things every day. The commute itself isn’t likely to bring you joy, so the least you can do is to find the type of content or activities which inspire you along the way.


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