How Changing Roles Can Benefit Your Tech Career

Unlike in previous generations, changing roles throughout your career has become the new normal, in fact research suggests that on average people change employers every five years.

Whilst many tech professionals may be hesitant to change their role, depending on where you are at in your career, finding that new opportunity can be extremely beneficial.

To emphasise this, we’ve listed below reasons why you should start switching up your tech role in 2021.

Career Progression

Changing your role throughout your career will enable you to gain experience in a variety of tech areas, whether that be in particular industries or different tech solutions.

Having this experience can help you to progress throughout your career and set you up for promotions as you will have a deeper understanding of what is required within each role.

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Develop Adaptability

Switching your role every so often throughout your career will enhance your ability to adapt to different situations.

Adaptability is a key skill for the coming year, check out our previous blog that discusses essential soft skills for 2021.

Broaden Your Skillset

Leading on from the above, adaptability is not the only skill that is developed by changing your tech role.

Being exposed to different scenarios through different job roles will allow you to develop a multitude of skills, both soft skills and hard skills, that you can expand on throughout your career.

If there was a particular skill you felt could be developed further or needed refining, changing your role is a perfect way to target that skill with a role that primarily utilises that skill day-to-day.

Reignite Your Passion

If you are feeling uninspired in your current role, now is the time to switch it up, get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Changing your role will give you new experiences and new challenges that can help to reignite your passion for tech.

Build Your Connections

An additional benefit of changing your role is the opportunity to meet new people and build your connections.

Having connections from a variation of areas within the tech industry can be useful for expanding your knowledge, gaining a mentor and finding job opportunities.

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