Tips For Changing Jobs Remotely

Traditionally in the world of work an individual would finish school, get a job and stay with that company until retirement, potentially with a couple of promotions along the way. However, times have changed, now people tend to ‘job hop’ and stay in a role for as long as it suits them and their expectations, and then when the role is no longer applicable, they change jobs.

With COVID-19 changing the way we work again, with some people working from home and remotely engaging with their organisation, and more people being furloughed or even made redundant, this pandemic has highlighted the lack of security the workplace can offer. Suggesting that now may be the perfect time to consider a change in career. 

Below we’ve listed some essential things to acknowledge when making a career change, and how to achieve this in a remote environment.

Why People Change Roles

As already mentioned the mindset of today’s workforce has evolved to include more job changes in a lifetime, than in previous generations. Why is this? 

One study found that the main reason people change their roles is due to career advancement. As a result of not being offered the opportunity to grow in an organisation and expand their skill set, employees leave for a role that they believe will provide this for them. 

Another prominent reason people change their career is because their current role no longer challenges them. When workload becomes monotonous people move to a new role to reignite the passion that they desire when heading into work. Decreasing this aspect of boredom in your work will also enable you to be more productive in your role.

People learn the most when they are the least competent, moving to a new role will allow you to increase your knowledge. The amount of resources that are out there to help you make that career change is abundant. With courses and workshops available learning the knowledge you need to change your job has never been so accessible. 

Along with opportunity and challenge, comes the subject of financial compensation – wages. A report by the Office of National Statistics discovered that although people who remain in their role earn an increased hourly wage, they do not experience the increase in pay growth that people to change jobs achieve. In fact the report found that people who change roles between firms had an increased pay growth than those who changed roles within firms.

How To Change Your Role

It may seem ridiculous to attempt a job change remotely, however with 86% of companies now using video conferencing to hire, train and onboard new employees, it is not impossible.

Here are two top tips to help you change your role in this remote environment: 


The first thing you need to do when looking for a new job is network. With the global pandemic now making events virtual its never been easier to attend meetups and engage with individuals in the industry. Connect with people and let them know that you are looking to change your job, you never know, they just might have something available, or be able to put you in touch with someone who has an opportunity for you. 

In addition to finding potential new roles, networking also offers the opportunity to find a mentor in your industry who can guide you through your job change.

Networking has never been so important, and if that’s not enough to convince you, then how about a statistic: 85% of open job roles are filled through networking.


One of the main things that recruiters and employers want when they are trying to fill a role, is a knowledge or understanding of the industry. Whilst you may not be able to leave the house, the current remote environment can benefit you in this aspect as many resources; courses and workshops, are now accessible online. This means that you can gain the required skill set you need for your job change, from the comfort of your own home. 

Why not take a course that is provided from the other side of the world, because now you can! 

Hand in hand with the required knowledge of the industry, in order to change jobs and work remotely, you will need to show employers that you have the skills to deliver the responsibilities of your role from home. Building on the previous paragraph, if you are unsure how to use software and programs needed for your job change, sign up for a workshop.

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