5 Positives of Learning to Code

As we progress further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technology becomes more and more embedded into everything that we do, the skills in demand across the jobs market are also developing.

The demand for technical skills still outweighs the supply, so naturally, it’s beneficial to get in on the trend now and start developing your own skills, including learning code. Saying this, learning to code (and developing other technical skills) is beneficial in more ways than simply progressing your career in tech.

If you’re not particularly technical, coding is still a beneficial skill to have. In the digital world, we now live in, it will take you from being a passive contributor to an active participant. It can be the ultimate empowerment tool and will inevitably help you to develop both personally and professionally.

If you’re still unsure, we explore some of the benefits that learning to code check out some of our reasons why it’s worthwhile.

Job opportunities

Let’s start with the obvious, learning to code can open up new career opportunities and ultimately helps to transform you into a more flexible candidate in this increasingly digital era we’re living in. 

In terms of tech, the more skills you have the better. Learning to code will make you more attractive when looking for new jobs. Essentially, more skills you have the more jobs will be available to you.

Even if you’re not thinking about a heavily technical role that requires coding skills, it’s likely at some point in your career you’ll need to interact with tech teams. Learning to speak their language will make your life easier in the long run.

Become a natural problem-solver

When learning to code, you analyse problems and break them down into digestible steps, then using the language you have learned, you are able to create a functional platform. Practicing this process helps with developing a problem-solving mindset allowing you to determine the best method for conquering issues in the most effective way.

You’ll learn to view problems and break down walls differently, adapting your mindset to work through frustrations productively. This change in mindset will have a positive impact on both your career and personal development.


Going back to the benefits learning to code will have on your career… since people with coding skills are in increasingly high demand, but short supply, those who take the time to learn how to code are able to command higher salaries and as discussed above, have more opportunities available to them.

It’s also pretty rare for non-technical professionals to have coding skills. So, whether you’re a marketer, administrator or project manager, adding this technical expertise to your CV will enable you to negotiate a higher salary in the future.

As well as being able to command a higher salary, coding skills can also be a huge help if you want to work on a freelance basis. There are many developers who apply their coding skills to creating websites or even bring their own business ideas to life – both of which can be lucrative in the long-run.


Once you’ve taken the time to learn code, you might decide that life as a freelance coder is for you, enabling you to work to your own schedule and from anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to be a freelancer either, you can rest assured that many coding jobs offer flexibility and autonomy, with options to work flexible hours and remotely. Learning code genuinely provides you with the flexibility to work from anywhere.


Learning to code can have a positive effect on your social life. There are some great networking and social groups on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook and across the web providing fellow coders with the chance to share experiences, as well as ask and answer questions.

In terms of working: the opportunity to work as a freelance developer will also provide you with the chance to connect with people. You’ll be building up a client base, meaning you’ll be networking and meeting new people regularly. Working on a freelance or remote basis also means that you can essentially work from anywhere – you could travel the world while working from your laptop.


Knowing that you accomplished something great, that you have the ability to execute something really complex or that you have the skill to contribute to the growing digital landscape, has to be confidence-boosting!

Leaning code will give you more confidence in using a range of technologies, as you’ll have a better understanding of how it all works. Ultimately, your confidence will rise as your ability to tackle technological issues develops.


Whether you’re thinking of starting a career in tech or are simply interested in becoming a more active participant in our increasingly digital world – there are many positive outcomes of learning to code, just some of which are outlined above. So, why wait? Start reaping the rewards of this highly sought-after skill now!

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