How to Ensure Your Personal and Professional Values Align

The tech industry provides multiple opportunities for tech professionals to work in different industries, roles, and companies. Whilst identifying your dream role may be easy, finding a company that suits both your professional and personal vales can be difficult. 

Working for an organisation that cultivates a company culture tailored around your values, not only makes you more motivated to achieve, it will also help to build a sense of community within the company, between you and the other members of your tech team. On the flip side, working in an environment where your values and the business’ are misaligned can lead to greater dissatisfaction within your role.

To ensure that you find a company that reflects your values, we’ve listed some top tips below.

Ask Questions

A great way to identify whether your values align with the company you are interviewing for is to ask questions. An interview is not a one-way process, it is also a chance for you to ask questions and understand in more depth, details about the company, their culture, and their processes.

Put together a few questions that reflect your values and what you would expect of the organisation, to ask throughout the interview. Whilst you may be able to find information on how the company promotes their values outside the organisation, the interview is an excellent time to find out more about the company’s internal processes and how they reflect their values. Based on the company’s responses you should be able to gage whether they would be the right fit for you.

Do Your Research

Both before and after the interview it is essential to do your research. Conducting research before the interview will enable you to ask very specific questions, which will also highlight to your prospective employer that you are passionate about the principles of the organisation you work for.

Carrying out research after the interview can allow you to fact check whether the company acts on their values. For many women in tech, a fundamental company value is having a commitment towards improving diversity and inclusion within the industry. Conducting research will enable you to ascertain whether the organisation are working towards their values in the industry. For example, have they attended specific meetups or seminars around increasing diversity in the industry? Do their employees engage in activities in the industry to improve inclusion in tech?

Check out our previous blog that discusses why gender diverse hiring should be a priority for your tech team.

Use Recruiters

Not only do recruiters work closely with you to establish what you are looking for in a role and the company you work for, they also work closely with organisations to ensure they find people who will fit into their company culture. Utilising a recruiter during your job search can help you to find that particular organisation that echoes your values.

Our best advice is to ask questions and be open about the values that matter to you and how they should be reflected within the company culture of your potential employer.

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