Key Reasons to Align Yourself with your Company’s Mission

Mission statements are used by companies across the world, they are used to explain the overall purpose for their existence. A mission statement communicates the culture, values, ethics, fundamental goals, and agenda of a company to its employees, clients, customers, shareholders, and the community. It is, or should be, the beating heart of any business.

The leadership team of any business will be concerned with their mission as it poses a number of advantages that are fundamental to success – from providing a clear sense of direction to shaping the culture of the company. For businesses that are mission-driven, their mission statement is genuinely at the core of everything that they do – from their products or services to the way employees interact with one another.

It’s clear that the mission statement isn’t just a few lines that were thought up in a 5-minute meeting on a Friday afternoon. A lot of time and thought goes into constructing these concise statements, and as much as they matter to the leadership of a business, they should matter to you too. Why I hear you ask? Well, here are a few good reasons to get you thinking about why it is important that the mission of your current company, or a potential future employer, aligns with you and your career goals.

Company culture

As outlined above, mission-driven companies have this at the heart of everything that they do, this includes throughout the hiring process. It’s incredibly important in today’s world of work that, as well as having the skills to get the job done, a new hire is the right cultural fit. Companies who truly project their mission statement will undoubtedly take this into consideration when making a decision about who is right for the role they are advertising.

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with a company’s mission statement serves as a great representation of the company culture and, thus the types of people you might be spending your days with. For example, Salesforce’s mission statement is: Empowering companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. It’s simple, but oh so effective, and as a potential future employee, you could expect that by joining Salesforce you would join a team of innovative, forward-thinking individuals who are using their skills to benefit communities in new and unique ways.

Another great mission statement that says a lot about the culture of the company is Virgin’s: Disruption is in our DNA and we’ve made sure this is captured in our purpose, the reason Virgin exists. In a similar vain to Salesforce, Virgin want their customers, investors and employees to know that they exist to push boundaries, so you could expect to work with adventurous and experimental teams who think outside the box.

What we’re getting at here, is the importance of finding an environment that you feel excited by, somewhere you feel comfortable and that somewhat aligns with your own character and goals. Also, working with like-minded individuals might just mean that you get on with your co-workers on a deeper level and have a little more in common than just the same stretch of carpet you walk around on each day.

Sense of purpose

Working for a company whose mission and values align with your own will provide you with a greater sense of purpose at work. If the work you are carrying out is adding value in areas that you care about, you are likely to feel more motivated and less bored. In firms who live and breathe their mission statement, it’s much more likely that motivation and morale in the company and in your team stays high overall. 

The benefit to surrounding yourself with positivity, motivation and colleagues who genuinely care about the work they are doing, is that will you find yourself becoming more motivated and positive too.


A clear mission statement will give you guidance and confidence in your own decision making at work. If you are unsure about which project is a higher priority or can’t decide which feature is more important. A key to making these kinds of decisions is to ask yourself, what best supports the mission of the firm you’re a part of?

Knowing your firms aim, means you can base your own work-related goals, the way you work, and the projects you take on, around how to best fulfil the aims of the mission.


Companies with solid mission statements that are embedded into the business, have strong cultures, resilient teams, and focused decision-making, thus they are much more likely to achieve success. All of this will mean that opportunities are plentiful at such companies and therefore you can develop your career with a company who empowers your personal growth.


Before you start looking for your next role, work out what is important to you, and what mission will inspire you on a daily basis.

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