Develop Your Tech Career in 2021 – Advice from the Experts

For many the idea of a New Year relates to a fresh start; an opportunity to grow in your career both professionally and personally. Whether that’s learning a new programming language, developing your niche or expanding your network, now is the time to take on that next challenge.

We’ve collated advice from a few of our exclusive interviews with innovators in the industry to provide you with their tips on how to build on your tech career.

Gaurav Kheterpal – Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MTX Group LTD

“This was something I was told in the early stages of my career. One of my previous managers mentioned it the day I got an award from them. Their advice was to never rest on past laurels, just keep learning, as this is the only way to grow. That’s an approach which I have followed for the last 20 odd years. I think people do tend to become complacent once they achieve something, but it’s important to keep going, to keep that motivation and find that next challenge.” 

Amanda Beard – Neilson – Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at ABN PRO LTD

“Fresh out of University, I was the type of person who was a doer. I have learnt over time to pause my natural instinct to dive straight in, but to first listen and to try and understand other people’s perspectives before taking action.

This is me practising empathy. My biggest advice is to learn to empathise with your customers and colleagues. By taking a moment to understand another’s motivation and situation can help you in turn deliver a better solution. Listen and act with empathy.”

Gonzalo Peci, Freelance Engineering Manager and Site Reliability Engineer

“Surround yourself with smart people you can learn from. Not only other techies, but people from all areas, it’s incredibly motivating and will expand your understanding of how things work, from productivity and tech to business relationships and leadership.”

Eltina Ouwehand, CTO at Atos

“My advice is go for it, just do it, don’t doubt yourself, and make sure you make mistakes because that is the best way to learn.”

Hans Goossen, Head of IT at Fidor Solutions.

“Stay curious. Always challenge yourself. Keep learning. It’s important not only to learn from courses and books but also from the people in your network. Take advantage of your colleagues and peers in the industry and learn from their experiences.”

Oana Garnett, Head of Services at Jetstack.

“Due to the nature of most IT jobs, being so detail-oriented, it’s sometimes a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture. Have a think – are you where you want to be? If not, refine your skills – this will help you to stand out.”

Nikolay Strum, Head of Platform Engineering at HolidayCheck

“I believe people need to develop higher level skills. To be a successful engineer of the future, being able to program and write production quality code is a basic level skill, and then you have all the higher level skills in order to understand interactions between moving parts. This, in my opinion, will differentiate the top performers from everybody else.”

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