4 Ways to Advance Your Tech Career in 2021

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the tech industry indefinitely. Not only has investment in technical solutions and digital transformation increased at a dramatic rate, the working environment for many tech professionals has also altered.

Developing on our previous article that discusses building your tech career in the coming year, below we have listed 4 methods that can help you to advance your tech career in 2021.

Set Your Intentions

Setting goals is a great way to help you advance in your career. Whether these goals are concentrated on learning a new area of tech, developing your niche, or in fact centre more around company culture and promotion, they provide a focus to work towards.

When setting your goals for the upcoming year it is important to be specific and clear, this will help to provide direction on how to achieve your goals. Being distinct about what steps you would like to take during the year will also make you accountable for your progress and development.

Skill Up

With the end of any year comes predictions about the next. The new year presents an opportunity to develop and expand your skillset.

To ensure that you are investing your time and effort into something that will advance your career, read predictions about upcoming tech trends, and discover what will become in-demand in the industry and what areas are up and coming. You can then research into how to develop these areas of your skillset.

Learning a potentially ‘new’ area or solution within tech has the advantage of being able to carve out your brand and become known as a specialist in this area. On the other hand, developing your skillset into an established area of tech has the advantage of being able to join groups, talk to other members of the community who specialise in this area and get advice.

Network, Network and Network some more

Whilst 2020 may have changed how people network, it has also highlighted the value of making connections.

Building your network will enable you to formalise a plan around how you will achieve your set goals. Perhaps you need to join a community group to learn more about a particular area of tech, or maybe take advance of the resources that your network has available to expand on your skillset.

Check out our previous blog to discover other ways in which networking can develop your career.

Reach out to a Recruiter

Having set your intentions, skilled up and developed your network, it may be time to reach out to a recruiter.

When looking to take that next step within your career recruiters are a great way to find opportunities that align with your career goals. Recruiters have knowledge of both hiring trends and the industry; they can help you to network to a wider scope of connections and guide you through the process of finding your next role.

If you are a talented tech professional looking to take the next step in 2021, speak to our specialist consultants today!


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