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MeetUp Summary: London MuleSoft Developers #3

Written by Adam Woozeer

October saw the arrival of the third MuleSoft Developers MeetUp.

Now, as the second largest MuleSoft MeetUp in the UK, The London MuleSoft Developers Group has rapidly grown to 107 members strong in just 7 months, and we are thrilled to be able to consistently add value to the MuleSoft community by providing the opportunity and neutral environment for developers to learn from each other, seek advice, and network with fellow professionals.

As Chris Mack, founder of the MuleSoft Developers MeetUp, put it 

“We wanted an opportunity and forum where you guys can share your experiences and challenges etc and if that means sitting round the whiteboard or having presentations then so be it. We want to provide the chance for the community to learn and grow, so thank you for your support as we continue to grow”


This time, the MeetUp was hosted at the ASOS offices, and centred around Mule 4. As is a hallmark of the MuleSoft Developers MeetUp, the topic was agreed by attendees at the previous MeetUp.

The evening kicked off with an introduction to MuleSoft at ASOS by Karl Pestell, before Michael Jakeman and Harshakumar Hariharan discussed ‘Migrating/Refactoring Apps from 3.9.X to 4.1.X’ and ‘The journey from 3.9 to 4.1 and back’ respectively.

As per usual there was some intense conversation, with attendees taking part in some healthy debate and sharing questions, answers and advice around Mule 4.

As the night came to an end, the concluding feeling was that the stability of the new release was improving, and that the product was in better shape than the move from Mule 2 to Mule 3, with everyone agreeing that Mule 4 is a good way forward, but that developers need to make a mindset shift and get more experienced.

It is always amazing to see how the London MuleSoft Developers MeetUp stimulates conversation between attendees, and Third Republic are proud to be able to support the MuleSoft community and continue to add value as our MeetUps grow!

If you are interested in talking at the next London Mulesoft Developers MeetUp please contact Chris Mack on  0203 762 2675 or chris.mack@thirdrepublic.com, or to stay updated sign up @ https://www.meetup.com/londonmuledevs/