Advanced recruitment technologies

The explosion of advanced recruitment technologies has the power to improve how recruiters can identify, source, engage and assess talent.

Born in the cloud, we embrace this new eco-system of recruitment apps, tools and platforms.

Our recruiters currently utilise a plethora of new productivity tools from sourcing and talent pooling platforms, to AI based engagement and identification apps, chatbots, marketing clouds, and assessment validation software.

We have built our own online hiring platform, SourceChain , making it more convenient for candidates and clients to connect directly

We believe our understanding of advanced recruitment technologies helps our clients access talent other recruitment suppliers cannot engage

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Talent Pooling

It’s a recruiter’s ability to build and manage communities of talent, both online or offline, that now separates the industry’s most successful agencies from the rest. So, instead of working with large databases, Third Republic manages private communities of handpicked top-rated talent; people who have been selected due to their expertise and attitude. Having this community-led approach significantly improves engagement and allows Third Republic to speak to candidates that internal recruiters and other agencies can’t reach.

Mainstream agencies administer mass transactional databases of people. Innovations in social technologies allow us to manage and engage small communities of hand-picked top-rated talent


Referral-based sourcing

We know that recruitment today is based on the power of your network. That’s why we emphasize the importance of referral-based sourcing; of working with candidates inside our existing networks to gain introductions to off-market individuals that other agencies are unaware of. The power lies in the strength of our relationships – because we treat our candidates as more than a commodity, and because they know we are different, they are willing to refer us to their professional contacts.


Domain Expertise

Third Republic spends more time, more money and more energy developing Subject Matter Expertise than other agencies. Our consultants are true experts in their field; attending industry events, providing insights into the latest trends and news, and conducting Q&As with thought leaders in their fields, in order to give our customers improved accuracy and better market coverage.


Inbound & Outbound marketing

Today, recruitment is as much about marketing as it is about sourcing talent. That’s why Third Republic has invested heavily in marketing initiatives in order to attract and engage hard-to-reach talent. With a dedicated marketing team, and with consultants given the tools to employ forward-thinking marketing techniques, candidates are being approached in increasingly new and innovative ways. We are experts in social media, in branding, and in content marketing, and are harnessing the power of leading marketing applications to connect with, and nurture, the top talent.


Talent Management Services

Old school recruitment is characterised by spray and pray methodology; recruiters’ mass-mailing candidates, then not providing feedback, or going quietly if a candidate doesn’t match a role. We act against this; we developed our Cloud Careers service to help professionals build their career. We aren’t a single-use agency; we are the first to offer a dedicated talent management service for candidates, one where they are treated like a customer and not a commodity. That’s why candidates use Third Republic for the entirety of their career.


TrustPilot Rating

Proud to be the top rated recruitment company on TrustPilot with a rating of 9.9/10.



We believe the value of engaging a third party recruitment supplier is to find off-market talent, to engage it, persuade it, coach it, nurture it, and bring it, enlightened, motivated, excited, to the hiring table.

This is a time-consuming and exhaustive task that many in-house teams, mainstream agencies and new online recruitment platforms simply don’t have the time, capacity, inclination or expertise to undertake.

Contact via mobile has never been more important as more and more candidates become desensitised to emails and Inmails. Our Recruiters are highly trained to headhunt, and network in order to sourcing deep within their niche specialisms.

Our capacity to headhunt gives you the ability to engage people other suppliers and in-house teams can’t reach.