Keeping up with consumer expectations requires constant innovation, and in some cases, radical digital transformation. Best in-class talent is more important than ever before. Though the skills and people that organisations need are rarer, and harder to find

Top talent won’t be found in the same places as the past. Careers are managed differently. The same market changes forcing you to search for talent in the first place are also impacting your access to high-calibre candidates.


Employer branding has now become a crucial part of engagement; so much so that you now cannot operate a successful business if you don’t incorporate a social media presence and marketing into your candidate funnel

Denis Dinkevich Sourcing Recruiter @ Preply

The old school way of hunting people down is coming to an end, and the way in which you need to interact with a person is to attract them to you

Hung Lee Co-Founder @ Workable

Having talent acquisition professionals that engage in the tech space and have a voice in the community will automatically increase your standing with potential candidates

Sophie Power Head of Talent @ Canvas8

Candidates are changing because they’re changing their attitude towards recruiters and their tolerance towards this constant barrage of information from them

Yves Greijn Lead Sourcer @ Quantum Black