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Who is Third Republic?

We are a go-to Salesforce staffing provider in the Ohana.

Third Republic is a Salesforce services provider specializing in staff augmentation and recruitment. We are an Approved Vendor to Salesforce.

We help Sales Executives unlock the true potential of Salesforce and drive maximum ROI through simplifying, improving and updating Salesforce Orgs.

You will gain direct access to our most trusted resource, a 10x Salesforce Certified Salesforce Solution Architect with over 10 yrs experience in the ecosystem who has been a key contributor to the completion of over  100+ Salesforce projects.

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Business Processes

Identify and streamline redundant or outdated workflows and automations within Salesforce to enhance business processes. Through workflow optimization and automation of repetitive tasks, efficiency and productivity can be significantly improved organization-wide.


User Adoption

Uncover areas where users may be struggling with Salesforce functionality or processes. By addressing these pain points and providing targeted training or support, you can boost user adoption and engagement.


System Performance

Identify performance bottlenecks, inefficient processes, or unused features that may be slowing down your Salesforce instance. Addressing these issues can lead to faster system response times and improved overall performance.



Receive tailored recommendations based on your organizations unique needs and goals, empowering you to optimize Salesforce usage in a way that aligns with your business objectives and maximizes ROI.

Salesforce Audits Accomplished


Arthur King
VP of New Business Development

“The largest saving for us is it showed the efficiencies we were lacking and the time we were wasting. It highlighted areas we didn’t know needed to highlight, I would recommend this audit to everyone”


Mike Ribardo 
VP Global Sales Operations

“The Audit reaffirmed the gaps we thought we had. We really valued the findings being broken down into multiple sections identifying were the problems lie and the level of priority that needs to be assigned to rectify the fix”