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Data Architect

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Contract Berlin

Location: Berlin, Berlin Type: Contract Job #63380 Are you excited to be part of a challenge? This innovative FinTech company are experiencing rapid growth and as a result are looking to transform how they use their data. As part of your role, you will have the opportunity to influence the success of the company as you […]

Tableau Developer

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Contract Egham

Location: Egham Type: Contract Job #63359 Are you ready to take your career to the next level and play a critical role in the digital transformation of an established company? An exciting company in the automotive industry are looking to hire a Tableau Developer to design and develop creative dashboards and analytical products. As part […]

Director of AI Engineering

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Permanent London

Location: London, England Type: Permanent Job #63319 Do you have a knack for developing and mentoring different teams and delivering as per complex system requirements? Get ready to work with this pioneering AI company that is changing the way drug discovery is done. As a Direct of AI Engineering, you will be recruiting and leading a […]

Salesforce Expert

Salesforce Permanent Berlin

Location: Berlin Type: Permanent Job #63311 Join this company that is revolutionising the healthcare industry and working to make medical care accessible to everyone. Partnered with top healthcare providers around the globe this company is on a mission to shape the future of healthcare. As part of their fast-paced Salesforce team, you will be supporting […]

Salesforce Specialist

Salesforce Permanent Berlin

Location: Berlin Type: Permanent Job #63310 You have the perfect opportunity to help this company achieve new heights and take your career to the next level in your role as a Salesforce Specialist. You will play a pivotal part in the growth of the company, as you become a point of contact for all Salesforce […]

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Permanent Berlin

Location: Berlin Type: Permanent Job #63309 Join this rapidly growing company that is making waves in the automotive industry, and help them to continue their success by enhancing their Salesforce capabilities. As the Salesforce Administrator, you will utilize your knowledge of the platform to manage the current implementation of Service Cloud within the company. You […]

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Permanent London Remote

Location: London, England Remote: Remote Type: Permanent Job #63306 Do you want to make an impact on the pharmaceutical industry by using your technical skills? If yes, then join this company as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer and play your part in getting medicines to patients in the quickest and the most efficient way. To […]

Lead Backend Developer

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Permanent Nottingham

Location: Nottingham Type: Permanent Job #63305 Join this company that is on a mission to reduce the financial damages caused by flooding with its state-of-the-art flood forecasting system. This rapidly growing tech start-up is disrupting the insurance industry. As part of this fast-moving, collaborative team, you will have the opportunity to develop and scale the […]

GCP Cloud Ops Engineer

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Permanent London

Location: London Type: Permanent Job #63304 Are you passionate about helping others reach their potential in the Cloud? Join this innovative partner in the Google ecosystem that are transforming their client’s infrastructure using AI and data. As part of this dynamic team, you will be help shape the technical future of entire companies, maintaining and […]

Sr Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Contract California

Location: California Type: Contract Job #63303 Who is Hiring? A dynamic company providing customer insights to help clients develop and succeed faster are looking to hire a Senior Salesforce Developer with a data-driven and agile mindset. As part of your role, you will design and develop Salesforce solutions that predict and solve complex problems. With […]

Development Team Lead

Salesforce Permanent New York

Location: New York Type: Permanent Job #63299 Who is Hiring? Does the idea of solving new and complex problems excite you? This global consulting partner are looking for a passionate Salesforce trailblazer to join their R&D team as the Development Team Lead. As part of your role, you will be responsible for guiding and supporting […]

Senior Back-end Engineer

Software, Devops, Cloud & Data Permanent Milton Keynes

Location: Milton Keynes, Greater London Type: Permanent Job #63274 Are you a foodie who would love to associate with a brand that has a global appeal? Take your passion for food a notch higher by working for this international food delivery expert. As a senior backend engineer, you will be a proponent of Scrum methodology […]

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I have worked with Sara for Salesforce talent and she is the best recruiter I have worked with. Sara is professional, a great listener and delivers what she promises. I look forward to working with her into the future!

Jim Hand

My experience working with Third Republic was top notch! Adam Bose was amazing to work with! Not only did he fully understand what I desired in my next role as a Salesforce Administrator, but he also provided great guidance and coaching to ensure that I was completely happy with the opportunities he presented. In fact, he set me up with two interviews in one week and I received an offer to join one of those organizations shortly thereafter!!! Keep up the great work Adam and continue inspiring others to do great things! You are a difference maker!

Adrian Alston

Khero has been an absolute pleasure to work with in searching for my first Salesforce Admin position. It is not always easy breaking into an industry, but with the guidance of Khero I was able to land a role with an awesome company and an impressive salary. He maintained a focused relationship with me through the hectic nature of the holiday season and even well after I started my position. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Salesforce space!

Jake E

Adam and Rachael were very helpful each step of the way, and they level set all expectations early on. I appreciate their hard work in finding the appropriate fit for me in the Salesforce ecosystem. I highly recommend Third Republic!

Taku B

Excellent work and persistence by the team at Third Republic!   I first spoke with Cara at Third Republic about Salesforce opportunities back in Fall 2019. We remained in contact over the years, and when I was available on the market again in Spring 2022, she linked me with another recruiter at Third Republic, Adam, who helped facilitate the interviews for a great full-time role that I have accepted.   I am excited for this new chapter of my career. Thank you to Adam, Cara, and the entire team at Third Republic!

Adam Johnson

Working with Adam Bose at Third Republic was a superb experience. As a veteran in the IT industry for over 25 years and founder of my own consulting company, I can say with certainty that Adam is very knowledgeable about the different skill sets in the technology field. This provided great value in placing talent in the right job. He is very professional, authentic, transparent, with impressive effectiveness in communication and execution. I highly recommend Adam as a recruiter to find talent for your business or as a partner to place you in your next career opportunity.


Khero was able to help me land multiple contract positions with my somewhat unique circumstances. He was incredibly helpful and thanks to him I am now working at a great company that has helped a lot with my knowledge and experience. This was also within a week or so of connecting with Third Republic! So in all, they were very helpful and I had a great experience!

Patrick Amis

I am an iOS Freelancer and I worked with Harriet Ivie from Third Republic. First of all, she helped me a lot throughout the process by representing me and providing as much useful details as possible. She ensured excellent communication and clarity between me and the client and kept both of us up-to-date. I ended up accepting an offer at a company I consider a great fit for my experience and expectations. Harriet is one of the best recruiters I worked with. :)

Robert T

Max went above and beyond to ensure I found the right fit. Not only did she provide me a list of top notch organizations but ones that aligned with my values. Max listened to what’s important to me and worked from there. Ultimately, I found the right match and couldn’t be happier!! Max - Thank you so much!!

Tony J. Fuentes

Joe Peschel at Third Republic made my experience searching for a new job a seamless one. His financial services industry knowledge was very helpful in my job process and I couldn't thank him enough. Every concern and question I had for him were answered with facts and unlike most recruiters I've worked with before, were accurate. He put a strategy in place when we first spoke, and it was perfect for me to get a dream job. I couldn't recommend him more, especially for any Technical Architects like myself! Thanks again Joe!


It can be rare to find people who understand the Salesforce ecosystem, so it’s a pleasure to work with Third Republic whose insight into the Salesforce industry is invaluable

Amy Beard-Neilson

Salesforce Manager @ Funding Circle