Jess C-1

Jess Callaghan

Salesforce Consultant | Germany 

Jess joined Third Republic in 2018. During the year that she has been with Third Republic she has secured 20 new clients for the business and helped to build out our German Salesforce practice. 

The people that work at Third Republic are really ambitious and work incredibly hard, which definitely helps drive your desire to be successful.

Describe an average day at Third Republic

I tend to split my day into two. I use my mornings to focus on delivery and the afternoon for business development. Saying that every day is different and it’s important to be flexible and adaptable as things might come in that can redirect your focus. We also socialise as an office most lunchtimes, which is a great way to reset for the afternoon.

What is it about recruitment that you enjoy the most?

For me it’s a highly motivational career. The people that work at Third Republic are really ambitious and work incredibly hard, which definitely helps drive your desire to be successful.

Another thing that I love about being a recruiter, is helping people to find their dream role and helping my clients scale-up their teams. It’s a career where you really feel as though you’re making a difference to people’s lives and businesses, which is so satisfying.

What is the best thing about working at Third Republic?

The team culture at Third Republic is amazing. There’s a real inclusive feeling and everyone helps everyone. The senior leadership team are really involved and having the opportunity to learn from people who are at the top of their game when it comes to recruitment, is a real privilege.

Training and development are really important to the business. Which means if you’re driven and willing to put the time and effort in, then you can progress really quickly. I also love the autonomy that Third Republic provide employees. You feel in control of your career and are given the freedom to work in a way that suits you.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

It’s been really interesting working with the German market. I’ve learned so much about best practices and find it really fun communicating with a range of people every day. As a specialist Salesforce consultant, I have found it really interesting learning about a new technology that I hadn’t heard of before. Salesforce is such a transformative company and I love that I get to be part of scaling up these teams.

The focus on digital transformation at Third Republic is also really interesting. Since joining Third Republic, not only have I learned the skills needed to become a successful recruiter, I’ve also learned about the impact that technology is having on societies across the world.

What are the challenges of your job?

A career in recruitment is incredibly unpredictable. One minute you’re on top and the next all your processes have fallen through. It can be challenging learning to bounce back from setbacks. But resilience is key. Keep focused and learn from the challenging situations you’re presented with. It was initially quite challenging when I started recruiting in the German job market as it was completely new to me. But now I love it!

Feedback can be another challenging aspect of a career in recruitment. Breaking the news that someone isn’t the right fit for a role that they really wanted, definitely isn’t my favourite part of the job. However, at Third Republic feedback is really important to us and I always help my candidates through setbacks. I see it as an opportunity to find them another role that maybe they’re better suited to

How does this role differ from ones you’ve had in the past?

We have a really hands-on management team here at Third Republic. The Co-Founders get involved with the training and development of all employees, no matter your level. I love that we are true specialists in our markets. I focus solely on Salesforce recruitment which allows me to provide my clients and candidates with specialist knowledge of what the market looks like.

The focus on team culture is great. We have monthly socials each month, which don’t just revolve around drinking. This means that everyone in the team gets to know each other on a different level, outside of the office. It’s a really nice atmosphere to work in.

What is your proudest moment or biggest achievement so far?

For somebody that didn’t have any experience in recruitment before I started at Third Republic just 1 year ago, I feel as though I have really progressed and have been given the opportunity to make a name for myself in the German market. It’s been amazing being a part of scaling up the Berlin practice at Third Republic and seeing it grow.

In the year that I’ve been here, I have bought in 20 new clients which is definitely a massive achievement and something I’m really proud of.