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Summary: Workday Visibility #5

Francesca Greane
Written by Francesca Greane

As the year comes to an end, Third Republic couldn’t think of a better way to see out 2018 than with their final Workday Visibility event.

Workday Visibility was conceived this year, with the intention of bringing together members of the Workday community, and providing them with the opportunity to share experiences, and openly discuss the challenges of working in this exciting and ever-evolving ecosystem.

And, with it being December, we couldn’t think of a better time to take the opportunity to reflect on what 2018 meant for Workday. To help us do this, we welcomed Richard Doherty- Senior Director of Product Marketing, EMEA at Workday – who led the session with a debrief on Workday Rising 2018.

He highlighted the slew of game-changers coming out over the next 18 months, and some that are already here. With Skills Cloud, Augmented Analytics, Bot-to-Bot AI, and Talent Marketplace Analytics all on the line up, he teed up 2019 in a great way.

And, touching on their competitors, Richard revealed that they had a record breaking 10billion transactions in one day across their customer base this year, which left them towering above their competition, whilst announcing they will be launching AWS in Germany to overcome one of the biggest obstacles to German companies implementing Workday and shutting up SAP’s sales pitch in the process.

With the audience being made up of those who did and didn’t attend Rising, there was interesting conversation and discussion around some of Workday’s recent announcements. In what has become a defining feature of Workday Visibility, the conversation was opened to the floor, and there was a hearty discussion between attendees, with questions and opinions flying around the room. 

The conversation also turned to the likes of Workday running on AWS, and their acquisition of Adaptive Insights and the subsequent expansion of Workday’s artificial intelligence capabilities, 

Workday Visibility #5 was a great way for Third Republic to round off an incredible year for Workday, and it was a pleasure to see so many Workday professionals getting together to exchange opinions and ideas on what the year has meant for them.

With discussions and networking held over pizza and drinks (mulled wine was, of course, included) the evening was a great opportunity to get together as a community one last time before the end of 2018. 


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