DevOps Candidate Advice | 2 min read

Key Soft Skills of Successful DevOps Engineers

It’s no surprise that DevOps professionals continue to be in high demand in our increasingly digital world. According to the DevOps ...

Technology Digital Transformation | 3 min read

10 of the Current Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Software development is rapidly changing. As platform and business needs evolve, programming languages, frameworks and technologies can ...

Job Hunting DevOps Candidate Advice | 4 min read

10 Most Popular DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

If you have worked hard to polish your DevOps skills, and scored yourself an interview for your dream job, then ensuring you are adequately ...

DevOps Candidate Advice | 5 min read

How to Prove You’re a Great Developer

As Robert L. Glass put it - "the best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers". Whilst you might roll your eyes at ...

| 3 min read

How to Make Your DevOps Team Successful

In today’s digital world, DevOps is becoming more and more crucial to business success. From increasing speed, reducing cost, and bettering ...
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